Wooden watches have taken the fashion industry by storm, and each watch is different from the other. In this article, we will list out some of the best wooden watches for men that are budget-friendly and under $100.

A wooden watch is handcrafted, and because of the wood that is used, it’s almost impossible to create two watches that are the same or even mass produce them, unlike metal or plastic watches. Wood watches are growing in demand because even though the material may seem heavy, they are incredibly light and durable.

Wood is known as one of the most durable materials on earth, and they are not harmful to the environment. This element makes it more enduring, and people love investing in eco-friendly pieces. Wooden watches can be unique and also stylish; they can suit any outfit.

When shopping for a wooden watch, you need to look for the best quality, which also includes modern designs, sleek style, along with an affordable price. It’s an accessory that you’ll be wearing on your wrist so ensure you get the best watch for your money.


When choosing ideal wood watches for him, you would want to go for a beautiful addition to your collection. The Oakwood watch includes a clean, modern design that is created from the best quality Chanate wood. The Chanate is originally from Egypt, and its texture is brown and grainy; it’s also known for being highly stable, dense, movement and warp resistant. The watch is lightweight and has a large dial with a beautifully crafted bezel, and it also has a battery life that will last you three to five years. The Oakwood screams class and doesn’t fail to make a statement. Simple yet beautiful, the band makes a perfect fit with removable links. You can gift this beauty by ordering a custom engraving with the help of experts at Lux Woods.


Once again, this watch features beautiful, handcrafted, Chanate wood. The adjustable wood band allows for comfortable wear, along with removable links. The sleek design makes it appealing without being too flashy. The watch will have a good life as the battery will last you three to five years. For fifteen dollars, you can have it custom engraved and gifted to the special man in your life. The message will be embedded at the back by experts at Lux Woods. When it comes to wooden watches for men, this watch is an excellent option. The watch is a prime example of guilt-free purchase due to its eco-friendly characteristics, you can rest easy knowing that for every purchase of the watch, there is a tree that is planted.


Watches are great accessories. Sure, they help you tell time, but they also make for great conversation pieces. The watch we choose can say a lot about us, and it shows our style along with how people communicate with us. So, when you choose a wooden watch, you need to ensure that you select a brand that uses high-quality wood and is affordable as well. The Bendemeer watch is a fantastic choice for men who like to keep their style simple and efficient. The blue color takes the overall appearance to another level. When you purchase this watch, you will also receive an eco-friendly recyclable watch box at an affordable shipping price, and you can also opt for customized engraving if you want to gift a Bendemeer to a loved one.


When choosing wood watches for him, you have to keep some points in mind before you finalize your purchase. This includes preference, style, cost, durability, comfort, and so on. The Oakwood wood watch ticks all these boxes. They are simple yet make a bold statement that says you don’t need a large watch to make a statement. The devil is in the details, and that’s what sets the Oakwood apart from basic watches.

Wood watches are amazing because they symbolize your care for the environment because each piece is created from sustainably harvested wood and the scraps are utilized as well so that there is zero waste. The Zebrawood watch is quite popular among the Lux Woods customer base because it’s created with high-quality Zebrawood. Most people may assume that wood watches may sit uncomfortably on their wrists, but that’s not the case with Lux Woods watches. They come with adjustable wood bands and removable wood links that make the watch sit comfortably on your wrist.

The watches at Lux Woods are handcrafted and unique; all the watches are different, and with every purchase, you’re also increasing employment opportunities as well.


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