Some of you might be wondering why I’ve said “Gold Lockets and Pendants”. Aren’t they the same?Well, very strictly and technically, they’re not. Yes, before someone points it out, I know that the two refer to different things.

A pendant is a word taken from the French ‘pendre’, which means dangle. So, a pendant is a piece of jewellery that’s provided with a hoop in order to enable dangling. It could dangle from a chain, or a bracelet, or even a ring. However, when it dangles from a bracelet, the commonly used term is ‘charm’.

A locket is a small ornamental case, typically made of gold or silver, worn round the neck on a chain, used to hold things of sentimental value.

The two terms are used interchangeably, and in this blog too, we are going to use both the terms. Like the title of this blog states, with pendants, the style and fashion options are endless. Here are a few that every Indian woman has a brush with, sometime or the other, in her life.

Pendants on Harams

Harams are an essential part of any woman’s jewellery collection. No set of South Indian Jewellery can dare claim to be complete without at least one gold haram being part of it. And the highlight of every gold haram is the pendant or the centrepiece that dangles at the centre.

Elaborate pendants on harams can be traditional designs with floral, peacocks and Goddess Lakshmi pendants. The slightly more geometric or abstract designs appeal to a contemporary taste. Either way, a pendant on a haram is exquisite, elaborate and opulent. And it is the pendant that draws maximum attention in a gold haram…

Pendants for Daily Wear

Pendants that you wear every day, must be those that make a bold statement about you and your personality. These pendants are also great gift ideas. Sometimes, these pendants come as a set with matching earrings and perhaps even a finger ring. Whether just a gold locket, or one studded with diamonds and other precious gems, they are popular choices for everyday wear. They go perfectly with all outfits, Western, ethnic or traditional, and can be worn for all occasions – casual, formal, or in-between. And they can be worn on a chain length and chain design of your choice.

These include:

  • The alphabet or name pendant: These are very popular with young girls and teenagers, who feel these are part of their identity. Gift a young girl an alphabet pendant with the alphabet of her name, and see her go into raptures of delight.
  • The funky oversized pendant: These usually make a forceful fashion and style statement and are available in antique and temple jewellery designs.
  • The religious or mythological pendants: Best for those who get a divine sense of security and well-being by wearing their favourite Gods, Goddesses or religious symbols on their person at all times.
  • The birthstone pendants: Considered lucky charms, these are popular, also as gifts.

Pendants for Dressing it Up

Pendants are those reliable Items in your jewellery collection you can count on when you have to dress it up for an occasion, but you don’t want to go over the top by pulling out any of the heavy stuff from your collection.

A grand, dress-it-up pendant will add the extra touch of style that the occasion deserves and is bound to get noticed.

Pendants from Vaibhav Jewellers

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With 25 years of legacy of trusted service and quality assurance, whether online or instore, you can get your pendants at Vaibhav absolutely hassle-free. You also have facilities like state-of-the-art video shopping, free transit insurance on international shipments, and free domestic shipping. And that’s not all! You also get lifetime exchange, free 15-day return policy, customization services, EMI facility and Smart Buy options.


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