Google intends to provide the search engine with artificial intelligence technology

To become “more lively, easier to use, more private and more humane” with a focus on serving young people around the world.

The Wall Street Journal reported today, Saturday, quoting documents that Google intends to develop its search engine to become “more lively, easier to use, more private and human,” We prioritize serving young individuals worldwide..

The move comes as artificial intelligence applications such as ChatGPT are rapidly gaining popularity, highlighting a technology that could completely change the way businesses work and communities live.

The report said the tech giant would change a traditional format for presenting search results known as “ten blue links,” with plans to incorporate more human voices as part of the transformation.

The Wall Street Journal quoted informed sources as saying that Google is expected to launch during an annual developer conference this week new features that allow users to hold conversations with an artificial intelligence program called (Maggie).


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