It is 2020, and having a cheap graphics card does not mean terrible things for your PC. Playing at 60 frames per second is no longer a dilemma for anyone. There are a lot of budget graphics cards that can make anyone experience that these days. We will show you the best graphics cards you can buy for your budget gaming setup.

Whether it is AMD or NVidia, these two tech giants have something in store for you. It is a fact that these two are always pumping out modern GPU tech. With new GPU innovations, these may come at a price. Luckily, they have GPU’s that are available for the budget gamers. Which GPU should you get for the best price to performance ratio?

RX 580 8GB From AMD

AMD’s RX 580 has been on the market for quite some time now. The 580 has proven itself in terms of performance. This beast of a budget GPU goes for a lower price now. You can find this graphics card for under $180 on Amazon. In terms of cost to performance ratio, you can never go wrong with the RX 580.

The RX 580 8Gb is a perfectly capable card if you lean towards esports titles. You do not have to worry. This graphics card is not limited to those titles only. You can still play triple-A games without a hitch. To sum it all up, the RX 580 is a capable graphics card for the ones who like Overwatch, CS: GO, and FPS games.

GTX 1650 Super By NVIDIA

The next graphics card comes from Nvidia. The GTX 1650 Super came to market together with other Super series cards. Nvidia made sure to cater to the budget gamers’ needs. The GTX 1650 Super features new technology at a reasonable price. It features modern Turing architecture for you to enjoy the latest games.

With this budget graphics card, it does not mean that you would still be playing at low settings. This 4GB GDDR6 can quickly help you experience gaming at a medium to high-quality settings. The 1650 Super easily can knock around an average of 111 frames per second on your favorite game titles. The 1650 Super also features a single-fan design. Budget gaming is indeed embodied here with low power consumption.

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RX 570 4GB From AMD

AMD’s RX 570 4GB has been on the market for quite some time now. This graphics card has been through it all, including a crypto-mining boom. This exchange prompted prices to skyrocket. People have used this graphics card as a go-to for their crypto mining needs.

With all that hoopla aside, the cost of the RX 570 has gone back to normal. You can now enjoy 1080p at a reasonable price with the RX 570. The RX 570 boasts 2,048 GPU cores and a base clock of 1,168MHz. This budget graphics card can still run games at decent FPS. If you are looking to experience well-known games at a recent price, the 570 should do it for you.

Lastly, The RX 570 has been the king of budget GPUs up to now. The $120 price tag on this graphics card makes it one of the best in terms of cost to performance ratio.

GTX 1050Ti By Nvidia

The GTX 1050 Ti comes in as a successor to the 1050 variation. If you are looking for a capable card that costs around $120 to $130, then the 1050 Ti is perfect. The single fan design comes in with enough power to compete with the RX 570 4GB. With the slight edge in overall memory speed and bandwidth, you can not go wrong with the 1050 Ti.

The GTX 1050 Ti can run your favorite games at an average of 70 to 80 frames per second. That stat still depends on the type of games you are playing and your hardware. With a decent to reliable setup, the 1050 Ti can be the perfect finish to approach gaming at 60 FPS on the famous game titles.

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Graphics cards do not have to mean the latest GPUs. The newest innovation in GPUs does not exactly do well for our wallets. However, there are tons of variants that are available for a lower price. The best thing about these budget graphics cards is that performance is not compromised. You can easily enjoy your games in medium to high-quality settings.


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