With the sudden arrival of Covid-19 into our lives, our workforces have quickly had to adapt to new ways of working. Working alone from home can make people feel isolated, depressed, lonely, and low on morale. Businesses now need to find an effective solution to keep staff focused and engaged while working from home, as well as maintaining wellness and the mental health of their colleagues at the forefront. Here are some great remote team building activities for your employees.

Play a Game

Playing team games is an ideal way to enable social bonding among your staff members. A fun and easy activity to do is a virtual scavenger hunt.

A Scavenger hunt is a game in which players have to run around searching for a particular article. You must compile a list of things that should be in most people’s houses and give your employees a set time to find these items in turn. The first person back to their webcam wins a point. The person with the most points wins.

Other remote games you can play are virtual escape room, trivia quizzes, Pictionary, or charades. If you need more ideas or would like a more professional gaming experience, contact a company such as CityHUNT, who can arrange the complete remote team building day for you.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell is an excellent way for your staff to get to know one another. Ask each member of your team to collect five things from their house that is special and meaningful to them.  Items may include photographs of friends and family or an enjoyable vacation, a favorite CD or DVD, a pet, a medal or certificate of achievement they are most proud of. Perhaps the person has a unique talent or skill they can show off, such as playing a musical instrument or dancing.  Showing personal items will give staff an insight into their colleague’s personality and find common bonds or just allow them to be seen in a different light.

Mix It Up

If you really want to crank up the fun and see your staff’s relaxed sides, bring on the alcohol – providing everyone agrees.  Have a cocktail making party by sending each team member a cocktail making parcel and play host buy doing demonstrations over webcam on how to construct a variety of cocktails.  As the alcohol kicks in, your staff will become relaxed and open, and hopefully, the giggles and bonding will flow freely.

If you don’t wish to include alcohol on the agenda, you could host a similar online activity but make pizzas or frost cupcakes instead.

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Catch Up

Each day you could have coffee break time where staff can jump online and have a social chat and catch up. The conversation can be work-related or just general chit chat. Staff can report on what has happened on a personal level at home, chat about concerns, or offer supportive words to those who may be struggling with remote working.