The main aim of most of the builders and property developers is to comply with the regulations of building sustainability standards. If you wish that your residence remains green and energy-efficient, then you have to design your property from the beginning to achieve the high green ratings. This will also include the process of site procurement. You can also work with a reputed consultant to get help with the design, development, and architecture of your building. This way, you can create a sustainable building at a reasonable cost. These assessors have the knowledge of thermal design, building science, and sustainability which can provide you with effective building solutions.

If you wish to get the development rate under Green star, you must ensure a broader green outcome of your residential dwelling. You must also register your building from the Green Building Council of Australia.  

Understand the Green Benchmarks

First of all, you must know various green benchmarks to reach that level. The application of the process is dependent on the state where the development is taking place. Moreover, the  National Construction Code assures consistent energy efficiency regulations across Australia by using the star-rating system. This code is applied during the certification stage. Currently, this standard is 6 Star, where Northern territory and Tasmania has yet not reached the 6 Star mark. The BASIX Report is also important to estimate the energy efficiency of the building.

Achieving Building Regulations Standards

The compliance is achieved under BCA section J standard of government by following the two pathways;

  • Determining star rating through Thermal Modelling
  • Deemed-to-comply method

The above-given methods have calculations for glazing compliance. Thermal modelling uses software such as AccuRate, First Rate Pro and BERS Pro to get the greater capacity to model complex designs and various multi-residential premises.

In New South Wales, BASIX is employed in the stage of Development approval without using the star rating system. BASIX is also a definite standard that involves the benchmark for lighting energy, water energy, and various appliances. The problem of energy resources is not just in NSW, other states are also going through the shortage.

If you wish to follow the high green standard for your residence, the thermal simulation method is the appropriate choice for you. Reason? In the thermal simulation method, the design is presented in a more comprehensive way. The designer has the scope to change the building fabric and see its impact on the building rating. The mixed-use developments and multi-residential developments must also have to follow the BCA Section J Assessment at the construction certificate stage. You can also carry out assessment practices in the BASIX DIY tool to get the assessment through a thermal simulation approach.

What are the services included for Green Residential Building?

The following are the services included for making efforts for Green Building;

  • AccuRate Thermal Simulation Service- States Other than NSW
  • BASIX alterations and additions
  • BASIX assessment service with a Thermal Simulation method for NSW

AccuRate Thermal Simulation Method

There are many functions to be accomplished when one is planning for complying with green standards using the thermal simulation method.

  • Create a thermal performance model of the given design by using the AccuRate Thermal simulation software. This helps in creating many designs at one time;
  • Develop a progress report for thermal modelling, including all the recommendations of change in the design as per the Thermal comfort Star Rating benchmark;
  • Implement value management in the process if it is required;
  • Ensure there are details and specification in the quality of the final drawings;
  • Do not forget to develop ABSA assessor certificate;
  • Include electronic stamping of various drawings and certificates;
  • It is vital to create a cover report which is attached to construction certificate documents.

The thermal simulation service has a basic fee for making the drawing and copies of the building design. Moreover, these fees are completely dependent on the complexity and size of the proposed building. As multi-residential design require a comprehensive value management process, NCC has some specified concessions regarding it.

BASIX Assessment Service

BASIX Assessment Service with Thermal Simulation

  • Develop a thermal performance model of the given design by using the thermal simulation software. This also includes the efficiency to operate different thermal design functions;
  • The data is integrated into the BASIX by considering the online model with drawings and data;
  • Develop a progress report for BASIX modelling and thermal simulation by considering various recommendations of changes in the design and specifications to comply with the BASIX standard;
  • The thermal balancing of each unit must be done to meet the BASIX Certificate development performance;
  • Implement the value management, if required, in the process;
  • Prepare a BASIX and ABSA certificate;
  • Check the quality of final drawings  to assure that specifications and details are mentioned appropriately;
  • The electronic stamping of certificates and drawing must be done;
  • Also, prepare the cover report with certificates of DA documents.

The units must succeed in the individual benchmark or the lower average benchmark for the whole development process. There will be the requirement of many software to comply with the given standard or the specification.

The value management is required to comply with the rough design or one can find the best performance with easy buildability and minimal cost, mostly when sustainability standards are high.

Risk of Condensation

The new designs of NCC do not have condensation in the building fabric. One can also take assistance to eliminate the risk of condensation. It is advisable to prefer some changes when there is a risk of condensation.

Codes of Practice

All the above practices are governed by the Code of Practice of Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA). Both BASIX Thermal Comfort and BCA Star ratings are issued under the authority of ABSA. ABSA provides various professional development programs to assure that consultants are updated with green building standards.

We hope with the above-given information, you can get ideas on how to go green. By employing these easy ways, you can create a sustainable residence for your healthy living.


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