When the work week’s been long and tedious and all you want to do is sit back and relax with your friends, tumblers overflowing with golden foam crafted to perfection, with the sun warming your back, it might just be the perfect time to book Toronto charter buses and just go for a ride. In Toronto, the breweries are many and, with the right company, you can just kick back and relax with not a worry in the world. No designated drivers, no worrying over the traffic and routes and ticking to the itineraries, just some good old fun and the chance to make some hilarious drunk memories with your friends.

So, if you are pumped and ready and cannot wait to feel the smooth foam of a mug of saison that has been aged in the barrel, here is a list of tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind while planning the tour:

1. Definitely rent a bus

They say the golden manna tastes all the more better when you have people to share it with. And, since this is a glorious opportunity to make drunken memories that you can later laugh about with your group, it is perhaps best that you rent a bus. Not only will the bus allow everyone space to breathe and chill but you also don’t have to worry about the routes and maps and traffic at all. And, because no one should miss out on all the fun, nobody has to be the designated driver either!

2. Check the prices and other details beforehand

When planning a drunken tour through the craft breweries of the land, make sure you know the costs involved and plan accordingly. For bigger groups, you would at least need a bus that comfortably seats say over 30 people. Or you can opt for mini coaches if your group involves a tight knit group of close friends. And just in case someone decides to take a nap at the end of a day of ample drinking, make sure you booked a bus that has enough space even for a mini sleepover.

Now for the fun part aka deciding which breweries to visit on your day of full of fun, frolic and golden foam. Thankfully, there is no shortage of breweries that specialise in craft beer in and around Toronto so this should be an easy thing to plan. But just in case you are having trouble choosing, here are some fantastic places to kick back and crack open a cold one with your mates:

Bellwoods beer

1. Bellwoods Brewery

Now this one should definitely be on the top of your list. Every beer loving hipster knows that Bellwoods is the one that offers the rights of passage to any crafts beer lover worth his salt. Be it chic gastronomic delights, killer ambience and fairy light, or amazing beer that seems to have descended straight from the heavens, Bellwoods has it all. Its range of craft beers include feisty yet fruity ales the colour of pale nectar and woody, imperial stouts that can delight even the choosiest of beer lovers. But perhaps it is the American pale ale Jutsu that takes the cake with it fruity melon and citrus notes with just a tinge of bitterness.

2. Burdock

If beer had the sophisticated elegance of a well-balanced glass of vino, you would probably find it at Burdock. So, if you want to grab some hipster and craft-beer-connoisseur creds from your friends, Burdock is definitely one brewery you should head to. Burdock has shaped itself to make your taste buds dance with the notes and flavours of the finest wine from Ontario. It combines the taste of locally found ingredients with the aged notes of barrel kept beer.

3. Blood Brothers Brewing

If beer could taste like adventure, it probably would taste like what the Blood Brothers have had to offer. Creativity meets comfort here. So, for the more daring of the group, there are a range of experimental flavours to try while others could go for the more comfortable yet delightful Paradise Lost, with the golden sourness of a beer brewed to perfection.