Technology in boat is adding more and more advanced features and powerful batteries to them. Just like RV battery is very important for running of RV, marine battery is also very important for the smooth operation of your boat. But, those who are purchasing it for first time can be confused as well as overwhelmed. The common used batteries in boat are 100 Ah AGM batteries. In gas and diesel engines they serve as cranking batteries whereas in electric systems they are working as dual purpose batteries. They power the pumps, lights and other electric and electronic devices. The best marine batteries however can be lithium ion, lead acid, or AGM SLA type batteries. The best one should serve a balance between capacity, cranking amps, mass, reserve capacity and price.

So, here is a guide for you to check out the best 100Ah marine battery of 2019 and how to pick the best one.

Let’s begin with the guide

Before we begin with the introduction of some best ones it is necessary for buyers to understand the types of marine batteries available. The two main categories are deep cycle and cranking batteries. They are not a substitute of each other so be clear about which suits best for your boat.

Cranking batteries

1. Cranking batteries– these batteries give power supply to boat to start. The thin lead plates in the battery give a short burst of energy to supply power to the boat.

Deep cycle batteries– these batteries supply power to accessories such as radios, DC lights, fish-finders and trolling motors. No need to gives them a burst of power to start instead they need extended power which is supplied at lower rates. Therefore, these batteries need a recharge as well. They have thick lead plates to prevent damage from constant recharge.

Deep cycle batteries

However, there are batteries who can serve both the purposes thus called as dual purpose batteries. If y our boat has no space for two batteries then dual purpose is a good option. But these batteries have short lifespans making them less preferable than its counterparts.

Other categories of batteries

Other options in the market are as well which are as follows:

Wet-cell/flooded cell- these batteries are a mix of distilled water and sulfuric acid and also contains battery acid. The discharge and recharge cycles of these batteries are high and you can recharge it 1000 times if you take good care of them. Keep them in ventilated area because they release very flammable hydrogen gas and always operated in upward direction. Regular addition of distilled water must be done to keep the acid in level in the cells. They are not good for few applications due to sensitivity to vibrations and increased chances of spills.

AGM-A 100 Ah AGM battery can operate in different positions. These are sealed lead acid batteries thus there is no danger of spill out of electrolyte. AGM or absorbed glass mat batteries are soaked in electrolyte having glass matting in the middle of plates. These are maintenance free batteries and only need periodic cleaning. These are vibrant resistant and has no vents which avoid spilling. However, in case the battery is overcharged then it can even burst as there is no option of refilling with water. Moreover, they are heavier and costlier than other options.

AGM-A 100 Ah AGM battery

GEL cell- these batteries have liquid electrolyte having silica gels. They are also sealed batteries and prevent refilling and spills. Vibrant resistant, long lifespan, maintenance free gel batteries can even work at low temperatures. However, it is not a best 100 Ah marine battery as they need special charging which makes it even more costly than AGM battery.

Lithium ion- the most popular option in the market is the lithium ion based battery because of these features:

  • Energy efficient
  • Low failure rate
  • Light in weight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Large capacity

Lithium ion batteries are either optimized for power and performances or low currents. They are considered as best replacement for AGM battery because of great weight saving, excellent performance and serving 5,000 charge cycles. But, they are an expensive option.


100 Ah marine battery

While buying a best 100 Ah marine battery it is important to check out their characteristics. Check for CCA that is cold cranking amps. It measures the amount of current flow produced at the start of engine. MCA is marine cranking amps which measure the same thing but at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher the MCA, better the battery is.

Things to consider while buying 100Ah marine battery

  • Battery size- group 24, 27, 31, etc are battery label that indicates its size. Check the size that suits to your boat dimensions.  Smaller the number, smaller the battery is and weigh less as well.
  • Recharges- reserve capacity determines the capacity of battery to work in the water. RC is defined as the amount a battery takes to produce 25 amps at a temperature of 80 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Date of manufacture– pick the battery that has most recent date of manufacture.
  • Chargers- ask for the chargers of battery as few battery need specific chargers.

Best 100 Ah marine battery

Battle born

This 100 Ah 12 V deep cycle batter is best for boat due to its reliability and lightweight. It uses LiFePO4 technology thus have high charge/discharge cycles, short circuit protection, high/low voltage protection, temperature protection, and automatic cell balancing. The battery has a capacity of 5 amps for 20 hours. it only weights 29lbs. this is best for applications such as RV house batteries, trolling motor, lightweight kayak, and golf cart batteries.

Exide XMC-31

XMC-31 and MC-31 are two dual purpose batteries that are sealed and maintenance free AGM batteries. They are heavier but cheaper, reliable and robust option with good vibration resistance.

Lifeline marine AGM GPL-31T

This belongs to lighter class of best 100Ah marine battery which is suitable for low current applications.

Odyssey 31M0PC2150

This is a dual purpose battery having voltage capacity of 12V, MCA 1370 Amps, CCA 1150 Amps, and RC 205minutes. It has both features of starting battery and deep cycle battery.

Right now, you have learned about types and characteristics of battery and with our few best 100 Ah marine batteries it is now easier for you to pick as per your need.

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