Swimming pools provide owners and their friends and family members with an awesome way to relax, have fun, exercise, and cool off. However, for reasons relating to both safety and aesthetic quality, the vast majority of pool owners decide to invest in fencing. Consequently, the benefits of pool fencing are more or less common knowledge; there are many more reasons to purchase pool fencing than there are to forego doing so.

Pool owners who are considering investing in fencing can take some easy and highly effective steps to assure that they get the most competitive possible pricing for the material and installation, saving money and reducing stress in the process.

To help pool owners maximize the bang for their buck and minimize the chances of being dissatisfied with their new fencing, let’s take a look at some outstanding tips!

1. Plan Ahead

As is the case with many products and services, pool fencing and fencing installation will cost substantially more for owners who don’t plan ahead. Installation companies—even the most reputable and reliable companies in business today—have to get their scheduling in order weeks and even months in advance; they’re most certainly willing to accommodate short-notice jobs, but they’ll charge customers a bit more for doing so.

Plan ahead to receive the most competitive pool fencing estimates.

2. Research, Research, Research!

It’s not difficult to search for pool fencing installation costs and select the first company that pops up, but doing so isn’t guaranteed to find the best business; in fact, there’s an excellent chance that a less-than-reputable company can be chosen.

Instead, pool owners should research local companies by reading through their websites, exploring customer reviews, and contacting customer service professionals. Failing to do so could result in more expensive estimates and less-than-stellar work being received.

3. Clearly State Expectations

By failing to clearly state their expectations, pool owners increase the chances of a mistake being made on the part of the hired installation company, which will lead to unnecessary confusion and costs. This point obviously doesn’t impact quotes for work, but it does impact the total amount that owners end up paying.

Owners should specify the color, material type, fencing pattern, fencing height, and more before committing to hiring a company; it should also be verified that the company at-hand is aware of these specifications and preferences.

4. Hire a Local Company

Big chains and world-renowned brands are well and good, but there’s something to be said for the quality of work provided by trusted local companies. Bluntly stated, trusted local companies are able to cut red tape and pointless effort out of pool fencing installation, passing savings onto customers in the process.

Don’t think twice about hiring a reputable local company—like Brisbane Pool Fencing GlassWood, for instance—to receive the most affordable possible quote.

5. Make it Easy for the Company Providing the Quote

Pool owners should have all their fencing specifications in-hand before requesting a quote; this includes the size, shape, and special requirements of the pool that will be fenced. While many companies are kind enough to send professionals out to check this information and provide a quote (and many companies do so regardless of whether or not customers provide ample details), the costs of this visit are, truth be told, typically added to the quote itself.

Pool owners can save time and money by providing an intricate account of what their fencing job will entail.

6. Avoid Peak Times When Requesting a Quote

Pool fencing companies are busier during the warm months of the year, when a large number of individuals are eager to start swimming in their (completely finished) pools. As a result of this increased demand, prices rise. However, quotes received during non-peak times of the year, including spring and fall, will be generally lower than those received during the ultra-busy summer.

To save money and receive the most affordable possible quote, consider avoiding peak times and, as an extension of the first tip, planning ahead.

7. Ask About Discounts

Here’s a fact that many kick themselves for failing to think of in the heat of the moment: virtually every company in the world offers clients some sort of discount—especially when these clients are purchasing big-ticket items and/or services. Pool fencing installation isn’t an exception, and big bucks can be saved (and lower quotes can be received) by those who simply ask about promotions, discounts, and incentives.

Chances are that customer service and/or installation professionals will be more than happy to produce a discount and take a big step towards securing a sale. But as is the case with any other business, including grocery stores and car dealerships, customers can’t expect the company to tell each and every potential client of current discounts and promos; that responsibility belongs to the hirer, and it most definitely pays off in the long run.

These tips are sure to help pool owners receive the fencing they need at a cost they can afford. Remember to plan ahead, take it easy, and ask about discounts (in addition to following the other listed steps, of course). Before long, the warm summer sun will be complemented by a finished pool, and plenty of memories will be made.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to pools, swimming, and outdoor fun!


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