In 2018, the global market for foldable furniture was $8 billion, with an estimated CAGR of 6.8% by 2027. Foldable chairs are multifunctional and stylish, which explains their increasing demand. Besides, the different types of foldable chairs save on space. 

If you’re looking for foldable chairs, you have a variety of options. Here are the different types of folding chairs that you might want to consider. 

Metal Folding Chairs 

A foldable metal chair is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The metal chairs are more durable due to the sturdy material. Therefore, they are popular in events and gatherings such as meeting halls and churches.

You can get the foldable metal chair in different colors and with a variety of padding options. However, you can’t stack these metallic chairs, which might necessitate more storage space.

Plastic Folding Chairs 

The production of plastic is projected to have a 40% increase by 2030. While most news focuses on plastic as a pollutant, it is a great material for foldable chairs. Plastic folding chairs are cheaper as compared to other types of folding chairs. 

Plastic folding chairs are durable and water-resistant. It is easy to wipe the chairs without worrying about rust. More importantly, you can stack them together, making them occupy less space when stored. 

However, if you’re keen on sophistication, the plastic option might not be appealing. Plastic chairs are simple, which makes them a popular choice for big events.

Traditional Wooden Foldable Chairs 

Wood has been in use for decades. Wooden chairs are durable and classy. Their gorgeous designs change the entire interiors of a room. 

The wooden folding chairs can add an aura of sophistication in an event such as a wedding. You have the option of choosing different types of woods like oak and birch. Yet, these wooden chairs are prone to water damage, scratches, and are heavier as compared to plastic or metallic chairs.

Resin Folding Chairs

Resin chairs are a great outdoor addition. These foldable chairs can withstand moisture, making them pretty durable. Event organizers prefer the resin folding chairs as they are inexpensive, yet elegant. 

Resin comes in different paddings and colors. They have an almost similar design with the wooden chairs, although they stack better. If you want to buy folding chairs, consider suppliers who prioritize quality. 

The modern resin chairs are not prone to yellowing due to sun exposure. Thanks to the UV protectors used when molding the chairs. When buying your foldable resin chairs, consider the stacking and weight to know if they will be ideal based on the intended functionality.

Cushioned Chairs

Cushioned or padded seats are the most expensive type of foldable chairs. Manufacturers use resin wood or metal to make the seats before adding a cushioned texture. These chairs are the best deal for fancy events or indoor use. 

The padded nature of these chairs makes them quite comfortable. If your visitors are sitting for some hours, the cushioned chairs can offer a sense of comfort and elegance.

Unlike most other chairs, cleaning the cushioned foldable chairs takes time. You might want to dry-clean them for immediate use. The chairs further take more space than their other foldable counterparts. 

Folding Lounge Chairs

The folding lounge chairs are timeless pieces that you need to consider for your outdoor relaxation. These seats have scissors-like frames for better strength and comfort. You can place these unique chairs in your lawn. 

Typically, the folding lounge chairs are placed near swimming pools for sun-basking. You can have your lounge chair in the backyard for an evening relaxation as you watch the setting sun. With the different brands of folding chairs available, you have unlimited options on the best chair to purchase.

Foldable Saucers

The foldable saucer chair creates an ambiance of calmness in your home. The saucer, which is a padded folding chair, is ideal for relaxing when watching TV or just surfing. It is comfortable enough for everyone. 

Teenagers and kids commonly use foldable saucer chairs. You might have to get bigger models to accommodate adults. If you intend the saucer chairs to be permanent seating in your living room, consider the right sizing suitable for the young and older people.

Beach Folding Chairs

If you’re looking for folding chairs for your comfort at the beach, the folding beach chairs are perfect. They have a canopy that protects you from the scorching sun. What’s more, these chairs have a lightweight that makes them easily portable.  

The material of the beach folding chair is water-resistant. You don’t have to worry about rust. Besides, it dries fast, unlike the cushioned type that holds water.

Meshed Foldable Chairs

The meshed folding chair is a unique type of seat. Mesh chairs are perfect for outdoor and indoor use. They have metal frames that enhance their durability while making them easy to clean.

Mesh chairs can be handy in events such as sports concerts. These chairs have a design that increases their comfort. They are also elegant, which makes them pricier than most other options.

Study Folding Chairs

The study folding chair has writing pads that would allow you to study from anywhere. You can fold back the chair and store it in your room. The study folding chair has wheels that facilitate smooth movement across the room.

The steel legs in foldable study chairs increase their strength and durability. You can get a study folding chair with different features and functionalities.

Foldable Chairs Are a Must-Have for Any Home 

Have you been wondering how to furnish your small apartment without it appearing too rigid? Well, foldable chairs are your best bet. With the different types of folding chairs available, you wouldn’t miss great options that will make your small space magical. 

From wooden to resin foldable chairs, the unique options will set the tone of your home. For outdoor activities, you also have a range of foldable chairs to consider. While you’re at it, ensure that you get high-quality chairs to avoid replacing them each year.Explore our site further for more interesting articles!


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