The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s also the area where you spend a portion of your day cooking up some delicious meals and snacks.

While we’re not all professional chefs, many of us enjoy using fancy kitchen gadgets and tools to make our lives easier. From a pan scraper to clean your pots to a foldable colander, there are endless gadgets that you can buy to make cooking more exciting.

Kitchen gadgets are usually multifunctional and many of them are inexpensive. Plus, many of them are brightly colored, which makes your kitchen look inviting and homely.

Whether you are looking for a gimmicky kitchen gadget or something practical and versatile, we’ve got the perfect list of handy kitchen gadgets that everybody should own.

Corn Stripper

If like many others, you love adding corn to your easy dinner recipes or serving it as a side for your guests, you will love this first kitchen gadget.

The corn stripper makes it simple and quick to pull the kernels off the cob, straight into your bowl. It’s a mess-free way to enjoy deliciously fresh corn in your meals.

Strawberry Huller

Fresh strawberries are delicious in your yogurt or on top of your pancakes at breakfast time. The problem comes when you’re removing the green leaves at the top of each strawberry.

Most of the time, you end up cutting half of the fruit off and throwing it away. Not only is this wasteful for your pocket but also for the planet.

This is where the strawberry huller comes in handy. It uses a mini metal claw to remove the green leaves while minimizing the removal of the red fruit itself.

Most strawberry hullers are bright and colorful, so they will add a splash of vibrance to your kitchen gadget collection.

Pancake Batter Mixer and Dispenser

There’s nothing quite like waking up on a Saturday morning and making yourself a huge stack of delicious, fluffy pancakes.

The only problem is that pancakes are usually very messy to make. The batter can drip down the side of the pan or splash all over your kitchen counter.

To make your pancake-creating process less messy, you can use a pancake batter mixer and dispenser. This handy kitchen gadget enables you to mix all of your pancake batter ingredients together in a closable container.

Once you have placed all of your ingredients into the dispenser, give it a good shake to mix all of the ingredients together. From here, you can easily dispense the perfect amount of butter into your pan to create some tasty pancakes.

Foldable Colander

Many of us don’t have a lot of room in our kitchens. Reducing clutter and keeping our kitchen gadgets to a minimum is, therefore, a necessity.

Despite being a very helpful gadget, colanders are usually large and bulky. They can be an inconvenience more than anything, especially when you have a smaller kitchen area.

Instead of buying a large metal colander that takes up half of your kitchen cupboard, consider getting a foldable colander. They are much more space-efficient and can be stored in even the tiniest of kitchen cupboards.

Cutting Board with Drawers

This next kitchen gadget might sound pointless but trust us, it’s a lifesaver (or should we say a space saver)!

If you’re cutting several different vegetables at once, you can store each one in a separate drawer. This saves you from having several bowls on your kitchen counter at once while you’re cooking.

The drawers keep your vegetables fresh until you’re ready to start cooking them. The chopping board looks great on your kitchen counter and takes up little room when not in use.

Vegetable Spiralizer

Vegetables are a great alternative when you’re trying to cut out grains. For example, zoodles (zucchini noodles) or boodles (butternut squash noodles) are popular amongst those who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Veggie pasta and noodles taste great and they’re an easy way to incorporate more plant foods into your diet to boost your micronutrient intake. You can buy pre-spiralized vegetables but they can often be expensive and full of additional ingredients that might not be the healthiest for you.

Spiralizers enable you to quickly and easily spiralize your vegetables at home, saving you a bunch of money buying pre-packaged options. Your meals will be fresher and more flavorsome when you buy the fresh vegetables and spiralize them yourself too.


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