We know that many sports have been impacted by the covid pandemic, with football matches postponed, or at very least playing in a closed ground, with no spectators in attendance. Any spectator sport has suffered a loss of income, as fans are prohibited from watching their favorite team and that includes the wonderful game of golf.

Professional Golf Tournaments

The PGA had to cancel some events due to covid restrictions, as players tested positive, yet events went ahead whenever possible. In Thailand, the home of many top courses designed by top people, amateur events have been impacted by the pandemic, while players practiced on driving ranges to keep their game at a high level. In short, the circuit professionals have managed to get the rounds in, as there are many golf clubs in the provinces that were not restricted by the pandemic. Resident golf pros saw an increase in the number of players booking lessons and social distancing might be in operation, depending on government guidelines.

General Public Playing Golf

The start of the pandemic saw a rise in the number of people who played golf, perhaps due to the fact that golf is played out in the open, with relatively few people in attendance. Golf clubs around Bangkok saw a jump in the playing numbers and some are looking for a second hand golf cart for sale from a leading supplier, in an effort to service their customers. Golf has long been popular with the Thai middle class; many a business deal has been sealed over 9 holes and with top-flight facilities, one can enjoy VIP treatment on a world class course. When Thai businessmen play, they use golf carts and have caddies to carry their bags and 9 holes might take a couple of hours, as there’s no rush. If they are going to make it an all-day affair, lunch would be something special, with copious amounts of Regency, then attacking the second 9 holes with some enthusiasm. Playing golf helps with dexterity, as this article outlines.

Additional Amenities

Most golf clubs in Thailand have added features to their complex, with the following:

  • Squash
  • Sauna
  • Snooker
  • Spa and massage

This has generated an income for the business and increased membership and the 5-star golf complexes have a la carte cuisine and sports bars, which offer evening entertainment. You can watch UFC or F1 on wide screen TVs and all the Premier League games are live (English football is very popular in Thailand).

The young generation of Thais show an interest in golf, inspired by the Thai pros; many have parents who play and at the age of 6 or 7, they are hitting balls! This means there are rising stars in the making, alongside many teenagers who love to play but only in a social way.

The pandemic has affected us all and if you are planning to visit Thailand in 2022, check the entry requirements, and things change quickly.