In the video, he asked for a cup of coffee in order to “abduct a barista”

he asked for a cup of coffee in order to

A surveillance camera captured horrific footage of what appears to be an attempt to kidnap a worker in an American restaurant, through the drive-thru driveway.

According to the details of the incident reported by US media, including CBS and NBC, a man bought a cup of coffee from a restaurant in Auburn, in the western Washington state , on Monday.

However, the customer who was driving his car grabbed the arm of the restaurant worker forcefully and pulled her towards the inside of the car, and tried to “kidnap” her, using a tool to handcuff her and drag her out of her hand.

However, the suspect’s plan did not work, as the worker succeeded in pulling her arm and closing the restaurant window, and soon the customer left the place, leaving behind a few dollars on the ground, apparently it was the rest of the price of the coffee .

Police released the chilling video, seeking help in identifying and apprehending the suspect.

Washington State Police said the man “has a distinctive tattoo on his left forearm and appears to own a black or gray Chevrolet.”

The Auburn Police Department described the incident as “very disturbing,” stressing that investigators are working to track down and arrest the man who appeared in the video “so that he does not pose a threat to the community.”

The owner of the restaurant where the incident took place said that “all the employees were shocked” after seeing the video of the incident, confirming that the employee who survived the kidnapping had been working with her for 15 years.

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