He bought a meal from McDonald’s.. and he received an unimaginable surprise!

He bought a meal from McDonald

When a man drove up to an American McDonald’s, he encountered an unexpected event. After purchasing his meal of sausage mcmuffin, the sandwich contained something astonishing instead – a delightful surprise!

Much to his surprise, the fortunate man discovered $5,000 in cash inside the bag instead of the expected sausages and fries.

Nevertheless, Josiah Vargas was a man of integrity, so he took the bag back to the store once he had given them their money. It emerged that the delivery employee made a mistake in placing two bags together; one containing his hard-earned cash.

Big dilemma

He documented the incident on camera and uploaded it to various social networks, where he expressed his major dilemma about whether or not he should return the money. Al-Arabiya.net was eventually able to obtain a copy of this video clip.

Puzzled, he exclaimed from within his car: “I just went to McDonald’s and they handed me a sausage McMuffin in this bag. When I opened it, there were multiple transparent packages inside filled with money. It was only a few thousand dollars! What is going on? I feel like something strange is happening here… But since I’m an honest person, perhaps I should repeat the process!”

Returning to his car, he was astonished by the warm welcome: hugs, gratitude and tears surrounded him. As a reward for his good deed, everyone agreed that McDonald’s meals were on him for an entire month!