He paid thousands of dollars for two cups of coffee

He paid thousands of dollars for two cups of coffee

A couple from Oklahoma in the United States recently paid more than $4,000 for two cups of coffee.

The New York Post quoted Jesse O’Dell as saying that he was surprised that $4,456 was deducted from his bank account after he paid for two cups of Starbucks coffee .

According to Odell, he ordered his wife an iced “Americano” coffee , while he ate a “caramel frappuccino”, and paid without realizing the exorbitant amount of more than $4,000.

The “shocked” husband indicated that he did not pay attention to the number that was registered on his bill, as he thought it was $4.45, when he paid using his credit card

He shared that he “was in contact with the customer service helpline for well over 30 calls within a 24 hour period.”

He further commented, “Sadly, we had to put a stop to our family vacation plans due to this mistake that cost us over $4 000.”

A Starbucks spokesperson said a check was drawn up in Odell’s name as compensation for the error, but it was returned due to a typo in the name, and a new check was cashed.

The spokesman blamed Odel for being the person who entered the number during the payment process, which the latter denied, saying that the manager of the outlet told him that the apparent number was due to a defect in the electronic payment network .

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