Studies of the modern times have indicated a very significant result that a good sleep is pretty much necessary. Many experts from the national sleep foundation have regularly focused on the point that a golden slumber not only provides a rescue to an exhausted body but also provides excellent refreshment to a person on getting awake. Moreover, in the journey of sleep, mattresses are too important. In surveys conducted by reputed organizations like National Sleep Foundation, it has been found that nearly 92% of people consider it to be essential.

Good quality sleep helps you to have a better memory, less stress, more focus, improves productivity, optimal blood pressure, happier days, avoid premature aging, and numerous other health benefits. Sleep is similar to meditation and thus mattress to meditation mat. A good bed provides an optimal cushion, are customizable to personal problems, sleeping style, and position as well. It must support the pressure points against the sensitive parts, keeps the spinal cord well aligned and it must keep your body weight well distributed across the frame. That is why is often stressed upon to check mattress ratings and reviews while getting one.

Usually, three types of mattresses are most popular among the consumers, namely latex mattress, inner coil mattress, and memory foam mattresses

Health Benefits

In addition to abovementioned benefits the following health benefits, good mattresses also provide you the following benefits:

Turning and tossing

Calmness during sleep is a factor that decides the quality of sleep. The more you toss and turn during the rest; the worse is quality of sleep. A mattress must keep you from doing so. The best one must hold you in place and minimizes the movement waves.

Body pains (Back and joint pains)

A mattress must provide the body with comfort and excellent support so that the pressure points are not pressured to pain. It is particularly important for older adults as they are the most potential victims of body pain.

Proper alignment of spinal cord

Adequate adjustment of spinal cord continues a healthy job of the nervous system of a body as all the information is passed to the brain via spinal cord only.


Too cushy mattress leads to sinking, where the body tends to dig up the sleep surface. This scenario prohibits the movement thus making it hard to breathe. It leads to snoring which makes the partner get irritated.

Growth of a child is heavily dependent on the quality of mattress

Since child grows fast, the cushion parameter of the mattress is essential. Too soft cushion leads a kid to sink often leading to hampered growth and sometimes suffocation as well.


According to many experts, “good mattress” is subjective. It is different for the different individual. During shopping, the emphasis should be on one’s personalized factors. It should be an excellent facilitator for the quality. In turn, quality sleep is a prominent pillar of health and thus going through this article must provide you a good insight into the way to choose a mattress.

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