Almost all of our parents used to say us that bitter vegetables are good for your health because we used to prefer ice cream and fast food more than vegetables and fruits. Experts recommended having at least 6 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. But having that many vegetables in solid form is pretty difficult. But living a healthy life requires us to take very good care of your body. If we cannot have 6-8 servings of the vegetables and fruits, what can be done? The obvious and easiest answer is to juice them up and drink them to get the nutrients we need. In this article, we are going to go through the health benefits of drinking fruits and vegetable juice.

Add a bit of lemon if the juice tastes bitter

If you are struggling to drink juice made with bitter tasted vegetables like bitter melon or mastered greens, but you really want to have them, take the expert’s suggestion here. Experts suggest that if you add a bit of lemon to the juice, the bitterness of dark green vegetables. The counter flavor of lemon will mostly eliminate the bitterness of the juice. Lemon has low fructose content that works as a counter strong opponent in a bitter tasted juice.

More nutrients with less digestion

If I may ask a humble question to you! Can you confirm that, Can you eat 2 to 3 pounds of vegetables every day? As it is essential for a better healthy life! Can you eat 10 to 15 raw solid fruits each day? That is also essential for you as a good source of nutrition. I know most of us can’t say yes to that question.

But if I say that you can through the vegetables into a juicer, blend them, drink the liquid and throw away the pulp, that will sound way easier than the first one. Can you see the difference? With the help of a juicer, you can absorb the same amount of nutrients without having the hassle of eating two or three pounds of vegetables or fruits.

Our stomach would struggle to digest that many vegetables if we consume that much within a day because of the fiber and the solid parts of the fruits and vegetables. But if we blend them and make juice out of them, it would be easier to digest all the fruits and vegetables at the same amount without struggling.

Well, It’s amazing to have technology helping us to live a healthy life! We have electric juicers to make us whichever juice we want within minutes! Everyone has their personal favorite, I personally like the aicok juicers. They have a wide range of juicers. They make every kind of juicer we may need in our day to day life. you can look for aicok juicer reviews online and find the model that matches your requirements and has a good customer review

More vegetables can be consumed with a juicer

When we plan to have vegetables in our meal, we cut them to keep the inside fibers and there are so many leftovers to be wasted. But if we go for a glass of juice with that same vegetables, we just clean them very well and throw them into the juicer, the juicer takes care of the rest and provides us a fresh glass of liquid vegetables. Which is an efficient way to save both money and nutrients?

Usually, we don’t take vegetables to our everyday meal due to our laziness or any other problem and we usually go eat out at the weekends. Drinking juice makes eating vegetable fun and we feel encouraged to consume more because of the easy process.

Ease to variety

When it comes to vegetables, when we go to a grocery store, we have tons of options to choose vegetables or fruits from. But when we think of the hassle processing them to get them ready to eat, We don’t feel so encouraged to get them to the cart. But if you give a juicer in the home to get the vegetables ready to drink instead of the tiresome eating process, you will definitely feel relieved.

Now you can feel free to get as many vegetables as you want and get your child the best amount of nutrition they deserve.  Just add 5 to 6 different types of vegetables or different fruits to the juicer and hit the start button. Wait for a while and you got a fresh supply of nutrients!

They feed the good bacteria living in the gut!

A huge amount of researches says that the key to the healthy and sound body is the healthy gut. “All diseases Begins in the gut” (Hippocrates). And our digesting system works in our gut with the help of millions of good bacterias. When you eat foods that are full of prebiotics, they help increase the good bacteria in the gut by 133 million. Foods with high in prebiotics are available anywhere such as bananas, leeks, Chirocy, burdock, etc. So be sure to eat or drink as many vegetables as you can. Because, vegetables rich in carotene, Vitamine E and C and folate can help yo fight Colon Cancer as well.


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