Drinking to excess and suffering negative side effects as a result is a clear sign of substance abuse and addiction. Addiction comes in many shapes and forms, with each individual having a different reaction to the disease. Just like the disease can take hold of someone’s life and turn it upside down, finding a facility and program can be the first step in getting your loved one back in your life.

Let’s see the best ways in which you can help your loved ones seek care, receive resources, and turn their life around for the better.

How to help an alcoholic

There are many ways a loved one can help a struggling alcoholic come to terms with alcohol addiction treatment. One of the first ways in which you can help a loved one is by learning about the disease itself. Before you can look at potential treatment centers, like The Edge in California, learn more when you need to educate yourself.

Learn about alcoholism

The first step in understanding what your loved one is going through is educating yourself about the trials and tribulations of addiction. Without fully understanding alcoholism, it can be hard to truly grasp what someone is going through and why they are struggling.

Alcohol use disorder, commonly known as alcoholism, is when an individual cannot control their consumption of alcohol, leading to complete abuse despite any negative side effects that come from overdrinking. As the disease continues, the user may find themselves suffering from extremely negative physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes due to alcohol use.

Loved ones must understand that no two people suffer from alcoholism in the same way. Like other diseases and mental health concerns, each individual has varying side effects and causes that make them drink excessively. Since alcoholism is multifaceted, hard to understand, and complex, loved ones must keep in mind that it can be out of their control.

Research alcohol addiction treatment facilities

Loved ones need to find an alcohol addiction treatment facility for the person suffering from alcohol use disorder to get them the help and resources they need to fight the disease. Some facilities that are well known across the country are The Edge in California, The Betty Ford, and the Journey Pure.

The type of treatment that is most suitable could be determined by various factors, such as age, mental illnesses, current alcohol use, dependency, other attempts at getting sober, and the level of physical alcohol dependence.

Speak with your healthcare provider

Before you speak with your loved one about signing them up for an alcohol addiction treatment facility, you need to consult with a healthcare provider to seek guidance regarding your selection of treatment center, the next steps, and insurance payments. Once You have spoken with your healthcare provider you can finally sit down with your loved one to let them know your concerns and potential next steps.

Check your insurance

Before you can find an alcohol addiction treatment center, you need to make sure your insurance will cover the facility’s treatment. If you are ready to seek help, you may want to start thinking about how to cover the high price of rehabilitation. The cost of alcoholism treatment can vary depending on the type of facility the programs offer, and the length of the recovery process.


Searching for alcohol addiction treatment facilities to find the best choice for your loved one can be stressful and time-consuming – but we are here to help. You can narrow down the long list of potential in-care treatment centers by speaking with your healthcare provider, checking with your insurance, and talking with your loved one to see what it is they really need when it comes to recovery.

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