Her flight was delayed, so she won $5 million!

A Pennsylvania woman who recently completed treatment for breast cancer said she couldn’t believe her eyes after scratching off a $5 million winning lottery ticket.

According to a Pennsylvania Lottery news release, 75-year-old Donna Osborne recounted that she was at the airport with her daughter, waiting to visit family in Florida, when their flight was delayed.

“The flight faced multiple delays, so I chose to return home, while my daughter opted to wait and traveled to Florida on her own,” Osborne explained.

“If I hadn’t left the airport, I would never have bought that ticket,” Osborne remarked. As reported by CNN, she purchased the winning ticket from the Pennsylvania Lottery’s “MONOPOLY Own It All” drawing at a Speedway gas station in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

I scratched the ticket in the gas station parking lot and looked at it in disbelief.

“I went back to the store and said, ‘Can you check this out please?’” she said. “Is this true.”

The statement said Osbourne immediately called her daughter in Florida to share the good news.

“She didn’t believe me,” Osborne said.

The Pennsylvania Lottery reported that she described her victory as bittersweet, having recently completed radiation treatment for breast cancer.

Osborne revealed to lottery officials that she had been playing the lottery for a long time, and winning the prize was a timely birthday gift.


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