Herbalife Nutrition is the world’s premier nutritional products company with a product lineup that meets the requirements of unique health and fitness goals. Since it was founded in Los Angeles in 1980, Herbalife Nutrition has been delivering the highest quality science-based products. From international elite athletes to sporting organizations, Herbalife products are used throughout the world. Herbalife has also been recognized for its excellence in product quality and manufacturing through several awards and recognition.

Herbalife’s leadership in the nutritional supplements world is based on its unparalleled excellence in product sourcing and manufacturing. Herbalife’s priority is not only to produce the highest quality products but also to achieve this goal through environmentally friendly methods.

Manufacturing Awards

Herbalife Nutrition’s management received the “Visionary Leadership Award” in 2016 by the Manufacturing Leadership Council in the USA. This award recognizes Herbalife’s success in developing and implementing a strategy that results in the self-manufacturing of nearly 70 percent of all its products. Herbalife Nutrition has five manufacturing plants, including three in China and two in the USA.

Using innovation in digital technology has helped Herbalife Nutrition streamline and optimize its operations. In 2017, the prestigious Marshall Center of the University of Southern California awarded Herbalife with the Supply Digital Transformation Award. With sales and distribution in over 90 markets around the globe, Herbalife was able to optimize its inventory and supply chain management using ERP (enterprise resource planning) and other digital technologies. Herbalife is also the recipient of the Enterprise Technology Leadership Award in the USA by the Manufacturing Leadership Council (MLC).

Product Quality Awards

In the highly competitive nutritional supplements market, Herbalife has been able to emerge as one of the industry leaders by offering great-tasting, safe, effective, and easy-to-use products. Herbalife won awards in several product categories at the 2019 Sports Nutrition Awards in Ireland by “Men’s Fitness” magazine. Most of the awards were for the popular H24 product line by Herbalife. Awards included “best energy drink, pre-workout, muscle builder, and health product.” Herbalife Tri-Blend Select was awarded the “Product of the Year 2020” in Spain through global consumer-voted awards organized and managed by an independent third-party company.

The Formula 1 product by Herbalife has been hugely popular and received several awards and recognition. It is one of Herbalife’s signature products, offering tasty and nutritional healthy meal replacement shakes. The awards won by Formula 1 include the QUDAL quality medal in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the “2019 Choice of the Year Award” in Belarus. The Peruvian Nutrition Society, also known as SOPENUT, granted Herbalife the right to use its logo on Herbalife Formula 1 in recognition of the high quality of the product.

Quality Practice Awards

Herbalife Nutrition won the award for Golden Product for Public Health in Vietnam for its outstanding contribution to the local economy, product safety and efficacy, and high standards in production. This award by the Vietnam Association of Functional Food was Herbalife Nutrition’s fifth such award in consecutive years.

In another part of the world, in Australia and New Zealand, Herbalife won the “Social Selling Award” in recognition of Herbalife’s efforts in distributing its high-quality product through direct sales channels. Herbal has also received the “2010 Apple Award,” Seoul “Social Welfare Contributor of the Year,” and several other awards. Visit this page to see more awards and recognition won by Herbalife Nutrition.

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