The decision to sell a home is not one that many people take lightly. Many people know that selling a home may take a lot of time. They might also know that putting up a home for sale can have costs. As those at Flying Homes tell their clients, it is important to understand exactly what costs lie in selling your home. Some are immediately obvious. Others may be more subtle. Knowing what kinds of fees you might be facing can help you prepare for the sale and keep to your budget. It can also help you can earn a profit on the sale.

Estate Agent Fees

In many cases, people choose to have someone else do the sale for them as it can make the process of selling the home easier in many ways. An agent can often bring the home to market quickly and get it sold fast. At the same time, the agent may take a big bite of the eventual profits. It is imperative to know what fees might be asked by the agent before working with them.

Landscape Preparation

Sellers are looking for a lovely landscape when they see a home. They want a home with lots of curb appeal. In order to achieve this goal, the seller will need to make sure the home’s front yard and backyard are tidy at all times. They will need to keep up the landscaping once the home is on the market. A seller can choose to do this upkeep on their own time. They can also choose to hire a service to get landscaping done for them each week as the house continues to be on market.

Major Fix Ups

Over time, a home may develop issues. Weather can impact the home’s foundation, roof and all interior spaces. A home may have issues that the homeowner has overlooked in the past. When they put it up for sale, they often face the need to get these issues resolved first. The seller can always choose to put home up for sale as is. However, buyers expect a significant price reduction for a home with major defects.

Minor Repairs

Many homes also have very minor repairs. A home may have outdated appliances, unappealing painting and a few windows that don’t work. The seller will need to make sure these repairs are carried out before it is on the market. Even in a hot market, the buyers expect to have a home that is in good condition. The seller may need to spend money on each room of the home to get it ready for them.

Time Costs

Keeping a home on the market means the person’s life is in fiscal limbo. They are left unsure where they are going to be in the near future. A person who has a house that is up for sale is tied to that home until it sells. Selling it long distance can be hard. Renting it out may not cover the costs of keeping it on the market. All sellers should be aware of this issue that may arise when they put up any home for sale to the public. It’s a good idea to have additional funds on hand in the event the house lingers on the market.

Tying Up Capital

Capital is crucial. People need to have money on hand in order to meet their daily expenses. They also need to have money they can use to put into savings. For many people, their home is their greatest fiscal asset. The home for sale that is not selling can tie up equity and make it more difficult for them to follow their investment plans.

Weekly Cleaning

Busy people may not have enough time to clean the house from top to bottom as it continues to remain on the market. Many people find it essential to hire a cleaning service to keep the home in the best shape possible as it continues to stay open to people looking to buy a home. This can add up to a great deal of money when spread out over several weeks.


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