Hily Adds Yet Another Aspect to Safe Dating. New Safety Info Kit Helps To Deal With Suspicious Users Online As Well As Gives Offline Dating Tips

  • Safety Info Kit was added to Hily Live Help messenger.
  • It teaches to recognize suspicious users and deal with them; defines rules of sharing confidential information and gives tips for safe dating IRL.
  • New kit became available to all the English-speaking users on January 29th.

Hily Live Help welcomes the addition of a new section called Safety Info Kit. It was developed by Hily’s support team based on the safety issues users are most concerned about.

“We analyzed all the safety questions and requests we usually get and decided to pull the answers together in one place – right on the app. We realize that online safety is a very sensitive issue and we want our users to feel protected”, shares Hily’s Head of Business Development Halyna Virt.

In the new section, users can learn how to recognize suspicious profiles and deal with them. The Safety Info Kit also covers in-app privacy settings and informs users about all the available features they can use to feel more safe on Hily.

The CEO of Hily Alex Pasykov says, “We introduce new safety features and tools a couple of times a year. It’s one of our main priorities. This time we aimed to create a handy kit with full but simple answers to most urgent safety questions. If users have any other issues they can always turn to our 24/7 support team”.

Hily also took care of dating in the real world. Now Hily Live Help gives tips on how to prepare for a date and behave on the spot to keep yourself safe.

Hily Live Help

“Once our users go out into the real world those rules we created on Hily are no longer applicable. But it doesn’t mean we don’t care how everything goes. That’s why we also piled up some offline dating rules the users should read before meeting offline”, says Alex.

At the very beginning, Hily created a special safety system based on a so-called “risk score”. This score depends on passing verification, having complaints from other users and conducting suspicious activities. If anyone’s risk score rises to a certain point, Hily’s moderators check this profile manually and decide if it should be banned. In addition, Hily has strict verification and photo-uploading rules. The system asks every suspicious user to take a real-life photo. Then Hily’s moderators check if the faces in the verification photo and in the profile pic match. If not, the profile gets suspended.

Hily verification

Hily works on a lot of new safety features. All the new updates will be added to the Safety Info Kit as well. In a week Safety Info Kit will be available to all Hily’s users around the globe.