Hollywood star Raquel Welch has died at the age of 82

Hollywood star Raquel Welch has died at the age of 82

American actress Raquel Welch passed away at the age of 82 yesterday, Wednesday, February 15, after a short period of illness, according to her manager, Steve Sawyer.

The actress and model rose to fame as a cave woman in a beachwear outfit in the 1966 movie “One Million Years B.C.”

Welch, born Jo Raquel Tejada in 1940, grew up in California when she won beauty pageants for teens, where she became After that, a local weather news anchor, and despite her failure in her love life and divorce after giving birth to two children, the late woman began working as a model in Dallas, Texas, for the Neiman Marcus clothing store, in addition to being a waitress as well.

Then, in 1964, Raquel returned to California, appearing in Home Is Not a Home and Roustabout, a musical starring Elvis Presley.

Two years later, she appeared in two consecutive roles in the sci-fi film “Fantastic Journey” and the fantasy film “One Million Years BC”, in which her role was limited, but the promotional shots of her wearing a leather two-piece turned her into the most popular poster model in the 1960s.

In 1968, the late actress played the role of the girlfriend of Frank Sinatra in the movie “The Lady in Cement”, in addition to starring in the movie “Mera Breckenried” in the seventies.

Rakia won the Golden Globe Award for her role in the movie “The Three Musketeers” in 1974, and was also nominated for the same award in 1987 for her role in the TV drama “The Right to Die”.

It is noteworthy that Raquel Welch’s career spanned more than five decades, during which she appeared in more than 30 films and 50 television shows.

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