Struggling with a living room which is very small or getting some difficulty in making the proper space in the living room. Then take a look at these important home décor ideas and see how you can maximize the space in the living room from slim alcoves to tricky corners. Malford Ceramics offering services such as vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore.  

Move Over and Up

How frequently you ponder about the space over the doorway in the living room? Probably not many times. But this spot which is underappreciated will be a useful place for connecting storage. To maximize the wall area, the homeowners sometimes have narrow shelving units which are built below or above the sides of the doorway.

Transform A Window Into The Shelf.

Window Into The Shelf.

This comfortable room is pleasing and welcoming, but the small proportions signify that every inch has to do hard work. In the center of the room, a coffee table might be blocked the pathway. By pushing a low table into the window recess, the home owners have make a good perch for a cup of coffee without cutting the valuable floor space.

Utilize Vertical Space

Vertical Space

Consider that you don’t have space for a bookshelf. The owner of the home properly utilizes the vertical space in the apartment by installing metal shelves on the concrete pillar to provide support to the lots of books. This idea works for the any fragment of wall space. This book shelf can be costly, but the compact bookshelf brackets made from metal are a nice and affordable alternative.

To make instant shelving, they would be attached to smaller wall spaces.

 Maximize slim Bay

Maximize slim Bay

The nice storage options in the slim bay make sure that no any space is waste in the living room. Installing full height cabinets in this kind of shallow sport would be very tricky. Therefore, the isolated row of closed base units will marginally expand into the room has been created instead. Rest of the wall is covered by the narrow shelving for showcasing smaller items. These ideas can work as bedroom storage ideas too.

Buy a Nice-Looking Coffee Table

Coffee Table

The owners of this airy and bright living room have place their coffee table to work by selecting one having a nice lower shelf for carrying books. If you want to use precious floor space for the table, it is better to select one with extra storage, an ottoman, a trunk, or like this one with inside storage. Contact Malford Ceramics for vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore.

Evaluate Custom Built-Ins

The tricky shaped corner is simply the wasted space, but by building shelving and in bench seating, the owners of the home have made a practical and beautiful design feature. If you have a same annoying corner in the living room, then speak to a builder or carpenter regarding a custom solution and view whether you can deploy angled corner or a sloping for the maximum benefit.

Get Most from the Corner

Get Most from the Corner

With a little bit creativity, you can push in different function of living room by pushing an office into a fireside corner. Now, a small desk and its two shelves over it, creates a nice workspace, beautifully stretched off in the essential seating area.

Mount The TV

Mount The TV

It might be tempting to attach a TV on a simple wall, but if the space is limited, then this opportunity will be wasted. Instead, consider mounting the TV with shelving. Apart from providing various opportunities for storage, shelves can also assist combine a TV into the design scheme of the room. It is useful if you are worried about too much standing on the blank wall.

Use the Wall Beyond The Sofa

Use the Wall Beyond Sofa

Installing a shelf for accessories, art or books is a nice method to deploy the forgotten wall beyond the sofa. For the maximum impact, run it over the room or double up with some ledges of picture, one over the other to double the storage. For vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore, contact Malford Ceramics.

Grab Benefit Of The Bay Window

Use the Wall Beyond The Sofa

If you don’t have a good view from the window of your living room and have to screen any of it with shutters or blinds, then its simple to ignore this area. Filling the bay window with in-built seat, similar to the one in the living room, is a good method to utilize the wasted space and make more seating in the compact living room. For boosting its use, incorporate storage in the seat.

We hope, by reading this article, you will be able to maximize the space in your living room.