You are at the right place if you are looking for suggestions for some unique Moroccan home décor to furnish your house. Moroccan décor has found its way to modern homes with its sophisticated patterns and ethnic lighting. Moroccan styled décor gives you the freedom to play with intricate patterns, prints, shades, colors, and details. You can tone it up or down to match your individual style and taste. It also has the quality of being able to blend easily with other styles. In this article, we are featuring our top three Moroccan home décor items that can very candidly blend in your drawing room, bedroom or study!  

1. Moroccan Lanterns

Lighting is an important component of home décor. And Moroccan Lanterns with their intricate designs, antique shades, and rustic appeal can transform any space. They are a classic element of home décor that can be styled appropriately for a modern or ethnic setting. An exquisite collection of Moroccan Lanterns are now easily available in the market and are an excellent choice for your vintage drawing room setting.

2. Moroccan Poufs

Poufs are one of that signature Moroccan furniture you wouldn’t want to miss if you are going for Moroccan themed house décor. A pouf can serve as a seat or a footstool or a side table. An authentic embroidered leather pouf is the perfect formula for adding a classy look to your living room or study. They are available in materials ranging from leather, velvet, denim and metallic.  

3. Moroccan Rugs

Your Moroccan themed home can be incomplete without a Moroccan style rug. The colors and design range from flashy to mellow with its unique diamond patterns. They rest elegantly in any setting regardless of the theme or style. They are available in a variety of sparkling colors, size, design, and texture.

There are a lot more benchmark Moroccan items for home décor ranging from Moroccan sconces, ceiling lamps, chairs, benches, day beds, tables, and wall décor. Moroccan décor with its color, pattern and texture flexibility can easily mix with your personal style!  

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