Kennedy’s Pharmacy is a drugstore in Boston, Australia that provides free home delivery because it takes care of its clients. Home delivery is a modern method of obtaining drugs that has a lot of advantages. This pharmacy includes a wide range of services. Therefore, people can get the help which they really need.

The work of the pharmacy in Australia

Kennedy’s Pharmacy works from 9:00 a.m to 5:30 p.m on weekdays and from 9:00 a.m till 13:00 on Saturdays. Sunday is a day off. The chemistry is in the center of Botany in Sydney. Clients can visit it personally or order necessary preparations through the Internet by filling an online form at the bottom of the main page or calling the number.

It is also possible to sign an appointment on the consultation with a pharmacist according to drug selection. Workers are bilingual and are able to collaborate with Russian speakers. They have valuable experience; clients can be calm because all employees are responsible. Customers always get a clear explanation to the things that they do not understand exactly.

Benefits of pharmacy home delivery

During a pandemic, finding ways of minimizing contact with other people is even more relevant than it was before the beginning of the virus’s spreading. It is necessary to prevent the possible dissemination of the virus and other infections and to save your health in satisfactory condition. Home delivery is the safest method to get medicine while staying at home with no risk to catch the disease. 

The second preference is the general comfort and economy of time. People do not need to distract themselves from assignments to visit the pharmacy. And the third argument is the guarantee of delivery of quality goods with no damage or loss. Modern technologies let to make a client’s life easier and do it all in time and even in advance. 

Services of Kennedy’s Pharmacy

Like any other pharmacy in Sydney, this drugstore does not limit itself to one kind of medicine. So, it offers:

  • multiple selection of alternative, herbal and traditional medicine;
  • clutch rental;
  • free blood pressure measurement and determination of glucose levels in the blood;
  • preparations of medicines to order (elimination of an issue of a drug lack) and review of a home first aid kit (some pieces of advice towards the correctness of chosen preparations);
  • selling of hand sanitizers and diabetic equipment (tonometer, insulin syringes, massagers, and orthopedic things);
  • processing of sharp objects such as needles from syringes;
  • free home delivery;
  • range of polarized and sunglasses;
  • an assortment of confectionery without sugar;
  • restoring of glucometers, pediatric and veterinary prescriptions;
  • surgical, P2, multiple-use fashionable masks;
  • professional consultation (it promotes the solving of your problems, answering the worrying questions, anticipating the wrong way of treatment).

Kennedy’s Pharmacy refines the assortment of productions due to demand on the market and clients’ requests. Its purpose is to race pharmacy in Australia to a high level of professionalism.