It is definitely difficult to decide where to start when it comes to home interior design. Since Dubai is the most luxurious city in the world, opulent homes can be found anywhere here. Dubai interior design, especially the living room, clearly flaunts how it’s like to reside in a posh city.

But merging luxury with a specific design is not as easy as it sounds. There are some details and aspects to think about in order to achieve the best design and avoid over designing. Below are some clever ideas for designing a living room in the Emirate.

A Justified Place For Furniture

First things first, the living room provides a space for layout design. Irrespective of the layout, the living room design can display extraordinary features. Studying the layout of the living room can determine the best spots to add furniture and to easily make a focal point that will create a memorable design. Although the luxurious features of interior design are not yet added in this stage, they can be smoothly integrated afterwards.

Express Your Personal Or Bespoke Style

After a tiring day of work, we all need a place to relax and be free to express our individuality, and this place is your home. Therefore, the more you exert effort to express your personal style in the interior, the more relaxation it will return back to you as an outcome.

So, never stop reflecting your lifestyle in your home interior by customizing the living room aesthetic, similar to how you dress up yourself. Don’t forget that your home interior reflects the traditions of the homeowners and the home design imparts a great impression on the visitors.

Luxury is all about how you choose to customize your interiors. For instance, it might be your selection of decor materials, or the type of frames for your intimate pictures.

Artistic Color Palette

When it comes to color combos, remember two important things regarding the matter. First of all, keep in mind the size of the living room. Secondly, consider the natural light orientation of the address. A small living room demands a subtle and lighter color combo that presents the impression of a fresh, wider, and open space for the room.

On the other hand, a wider or spacious living room can enable you to experiment with bold and vibrant shades. Plus, a bigger living room can equally work best with light color palettes.

Natural light orientation considers the sun rising and setting positions. In case the living room faces the area where the sun rises, the usage of warm shade can achieve a balance with the sunlight. But your living room will need a cooler color palette if the sun sets opposite to the room. The addition of metallic details in the colors palette of the living room is another tactic to hint at luxury.

Innovative Accent Walls

The interior is supposed to create an aesthetic flow that captivates the eyes into the style features without straining the eye or any confusion. An effective way to achieve a visual flow is to add an accent wall. This wall displays a set of small to average framed pictures hanging closely to each other as one, a big framed artwork, stone wall, murals, or wallpaper accents.

But only focus on making one accent wall in your interior, which leads to the primary focal point of the design. This focal point can be a huge window showing amazing views, a prominent chandelier, or a sofa set. Whatever the focal point is, it should harmonize with your accent wall.

Functional Yet Alluring Floors

The most abused and utilized part of the living room is definitely the floors. Selecting the upscale and suitable floor material is crucial to decrease the maintenance and damage. Therefore, marble floors are commonly seen in the interior design of Dubai homes.

This is not only a luxurious touch, but is a great investment. For adding separate spaces and coziness, rugs and carpets are frequently utilized. But only choose darker tones, stain resistant, upscale, and modern design carpets.

Excellent Quality Of Furniture

This phase requires a great level of practicality as it includes the choice of going less or more. When we talk about choosing the best type of furniture, it does not necessarily mean purchasing the most beautiful and expensive sofa, but buying the one that blends with your lifestyle and your needs.

But being practical does not mean purchasing the cheapest available product as well. Remember to balance functionality, quality, aesthetics, and value in all your furniture pieces.

The Ideal Sofa

While choosing a sofa or couch for your living room, the most important thing to consider is the shape, size, material, color, and style. No one wants to sit on a sofa which is as hard as a rock. Instead, buy a sofa which is comfy to sit on by anyone. The second important factor is value, which can be determined by the quality and choice of materials.

This aspect also determines the cost of the furniture. If you want to make an investment with a posh sofa, select the most valuable piece that boasts the best craftsmanship, fabric, and materials employed. But if you think that you won’t settle with such a sofa and will repeatedly have to renovate, go for a moderate quality of furniture which is priced lower.

Practical Storage Space

Control your clutter in all situations by utilizing furniture that boasts practicality and aesthetics, both. Buy side or coffee tables that come with additional storage space. Settees or drawers with hidden storage, and cabinets with display. Be innovative yet versatile enough to maintain aesthetics and practicality at the same time.

Sensible Window Dressing

Curtains, drapes, blinds, or shutters are different examples of window dressings that bind the features of interior design together. Luxurious window dressings often come in sets. But being simple doesn’t mean you can’t have luxury as it boils down to your sense of style and creativity.

Accessories and Decor

Always go for average to big pieces of decor to prevent cluttering. Try to accessorize the living room with plush rugs, furnishing, throws, and cushions that showcase accent details. You can also consider pictures and artworks for accent walls. Indoor plants can refresh the space and purify the air for optimum health.

Select pieces that possess function, quality, and aesthetics that reflects the personality of the homeowner. Products such as glass, gold, and ceramic vases, and metallic accessories and accent furniture all are responsible for creating a posh design. So, take your time to choose a flawless design and decor for your home.

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