We are a nation of DIY lovers, and have only got more into the pastime throughout the past year – according to 2020 research by Aviva, 85% of the UK improved their homes during lockdown. Fast forward to 2021, and with the sun starting to shine after a regrettably long hiatus, DIY lovers everywhere are cracking their knuckles once again, getting ready to get to work on all sorts of projects around their homes and gardens.

If that sounds like you but you’re at a loss of what to work on, here are some great project ideas you can try this summer.

Build garden planters

Growing vegetables and flowers is a great way to put your outdoor space to greatest use while making it look amazing, and planters are a simple and straightforward place to put them. A relatively easy build, you’ll need some strong wood, nails and a hammer, or screws and a screwdriver, if you want to make sure your planter planks are tightly secured together.

If you’re using pre-used timber such as that found in pallets, be sure to use pincers to remove any old nails from the wood properly before you try prizing the boards apart. If you don’t, you could be poked by the nails or even stand on one – a quick way to call an end to your weekend of DIY!

Repaint your kitchen cupboards

Kitchen looking a little tired, but you don’t want to spend thousands on brand-new units and surfaces? A quick and simply way to inject new life into your space is by repainting the cupboards.

Remove the doors and sand down any varnish or old paint on doors or any exterior surfaces of the cupboards that can be seen, choose a hardy paint that can cope with heat and steam, and get painting!

Create a chalk board wall

Create an interesting playroom or office space where you can write directly onto the wall – all thanks to a chalk board surface!

All you need to do is make sure the wall surface is flat so the chalk can be written evenly, then sand down the existing paint (or remove any wallpaper) so you can easily apply two coats of chalk board paint. Give it a few days to dry, and you and your family will be good to start drawing and writing!

Add panelling to your walls

Wood panelling is a sure-fire way to give your home an elegant, countryside quality. What’s more, it adds shadows and repeating patterns, which are great for boosting the atmosphere. This job is a little less straightforward than our other ideas, so you may need to invest in a laser level so you can line the boards up perfectly. Once they’re arranged, either stick them to the wall with strong wood glue, or affix them with casing or finishing nails, and a hammer.

What are you planning on doing to your home this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!


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