With the summer right around the corner, what better time to maximise the potential of your home? Make the most of long nights chatting with friends on the patio or hosting your family for a UK staycation with these effective ways to extend your home to not only give you more space to enjoy, but to increase the value of the property if it comes to selling. By working with trusted architects in London, achieve the best possible results through unique ideas tailored to your house and make the most of the space available.

Bring the inside out

During the warm weather, there’s nothing nicer than walking through patio doors to the sunny garden. A patio extension is a great way to combine the indoors and outdoors, opening up the large doors to walk freely to the outdoor patio and enjoy relaxing on the garden furniture. The open plan living is ideal for hosting guests or allowing the children to play in the garden whilst you keep an eye on them as you go about your day. As well as being a lovely addition in the Summer, the large glass windows provide well needed light and sunlight during the colder months, brightening up your living space and allowing your living area to overlook the greenery outside.

Enhance the heart of the home

The kitchen is described as the heart of the home for many of us, being the space where we cook up a storm for our families or spend time relaxing with a drink in hand. Whether you would like some more storage space for all of your favourite ingredients or want to achieve your dream of having a kitchen island, an extension can make these a reality. A well designed kitchen is incredibly desirable and can add value onto your home when it comes to moving on, being a worthwhile investment to make for both your benefit and the benefit of your pocket.

Fill the room with natural light

The mood boosting effects of natural light can make the world of difference. Adding a conservatory to your home can provide a whole range of benefits, drawing in the warmth from the sun and brightening up your home by letting the rays of sun through for an uplifting effect. Whether you like to look over your beautiful garden whilst sipping your morning coffee or curl up with a book on a cosy winter’s afternoon, a conservatory can become your go-to spot for taking your mind off of a stressful day.

Accommodate a growing family

Whether you need more space for your new additions to the family or simply want more space for guests to make themselves comfortable in, a single storey extension provides extra space without having to reduce your garden. By building upwards, make use of your new floor by adding extra bedrooms, another bathroom or even a home gym or work from home setup to get your head down in. An extension is an ideal way to gain some well needed space without having to relocate away from your much loved family home.


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