If you’re a keen business traveler yourself, you might find yourself having a lot of fun exploring new places and trying out local delicacies. However, not all business travelers are so adventurous – some prefer to stick to a familiar routine.

Business travelers who have a pet phobia, for example, will often struggle if staying in hotels or hostels – but there are plenty of specialized options out there that cater to their needs. In fact, many hotel chains now offer suites for families and pets.

While business travel has traditionally been viewed as a perk, it’s now actually a necessity for many companies. Whether it’s to visit customers, attend industry conventions or meet with prospects, employees need to get to where they’re going.

Business travelers are often time-crunched and overworked. That can make it difficult to find time to plan and book travel arrangements in advance, and that also means travel needs to be convenient and efficient — two things that can be difficult to achieve by booking directly with a hotel.

Unfortunately, many hotels still aren’t particularly business-friendly. They don’t offer 24/7 customer service, and they’re generally not set up to handle the online bookings and last-minute requests that usually come with business travel. That’s when coliving comes in handy.  You can visit the sharedeasy.club website to learn more about corporate housing in New York. 

What business travelers should know when choosing accommodation

Whether you’re booking a business traveler’s hotel room, coliving space, apartment, or corporate apartment, it pays to look at these factors before committing to a particular option. If you’re traveling to another city for business, whether it be for just a couple of days or several weeks, two or three days before your trip is the time to start searching. 

The industry of coliving or corporate housing is still relatively small, and only a few cities have such accommodations. Many spaces are still trying to find their space in the industry, so what can we do to help them? Some co-living spaces will simply stand out because they’re offering extra benefits that the others don’t. Some co-living spaces may be more reasonably priced than others. Keep these factors in mind whenever you’re planning your next business trip and need accommodation!

Budget range 

When you’re planning a business trip, it can be easy to get carried away with excitement about the place you’re visiting. So you might start thinking about things like how much time you can spend exploring the city, or what restaurants are in your hotel’s neighborhood.

Before booking your accommodation, however, it’s important to remember that your priority is to save money.

Business travel is expensive, so it makes sense to look for affordable spaces. However, there are many other factors you should take into account when looking for cheap rooms. For example, how close is the location to your meeting venue? How far is it from the airport? 

When choosing accommodation or corporate housing services for your business trip in New York, you need to find a company that offers affordable and competitive prices. Do not hesitate to ask about the costs and services provided.

Finding an appropriate location

Whether they’re visiting clients, attending conferences, or presenting your new product, finding the right location for business travelers can make the difference between a successful trip and one that is wasted.

The location of your meetings is important for several reasons. Most importantly, it will affect the time you spend traveling and how much you spend on accommodation. Secondly, it will determine the quality of the meeting itself. If your meeting is in a less than ideal location, it can cause problems with timings and attendees getting lost.

What kind of facilities does the space have? Make sure that you know how much time you will have between meetings and when your flight is leaving, so you can factor this into your decision.

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Network possibilities

Networking is a way of expanding your options and opportunities for success. It’s about reaching out and connecting with people to build relationships that can help you achieve your goals. Make networking a priority, and you’ll soon begin to reap the benefits. Coliving spaces are a great place to network with other members. 

When you live with other people, you already have something in common, an instant connection. Sharing the same living space creates the opportunity for spontaneous meetings and conversations. You can connect with others by joining local groups and events or even just by talking with neighbors and making friends who own businesses in the area.

Bringing essentials with you

It’s easy to feel displaced and out of place when you’re staying in a coliving space, hotel, or an unfamiliar place; its timing problems make it easy to feel displaced and out of business. Traveling for work isn’t always the most exciting thing in the world, but making small adjustments to your environment can have a significant impact on your mood and productivity. Here are a few tips for getting your space just right:

  • Make yourself as comfortable as possible. If you’re accustomed to sleeping on a specific type of pillow, use it when you travel. Bring your favorite blanket or set out a particular set of pajamas so you feel at home in your sleeping quarters.
  • Bring a photo of friends or family. It’s easy to miss loved ones when you’re on the road, so bring along a picture that reminds you of them — or look at it before you go to bed each night. Then, if you find yourself without anything else to do, write them a letter and send it back home with someone who will mail it for you.

The bottom line 

Co-living is an emerging trend that has seen substantial growth in recent years, and its popularity will likely continue to grow. So don’t be surprised if more co-living options are coming to your city in the next few years. 

The way to make any business trip more enjoyable is to understand the importance of experience, treating every challenge as an opportunity to learn, and being prepared for anything. Along with suggesting a few simple things to consider during travel, we hope this article has inspired you to create your ideal staycation.


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