Every reader dreams of having a beautiful home library with dozens of shelves filled with hundreds of books and cozy nooks where you can curl up and read for hours without distractions. Unfortunately, in most homes, space is at a premium. You can’t simply transform a bedroom into a library. With these 10 ideas, you can create a dedicated space to reading.

Choose a comfy place to stretch out.

Pick a recliner, an armchair and ottoman or a chaise where you can relax with your book. Add a small end table where you can keep a drink. Include a throw pillow that will support your back and a blanket to cuddle with.

Look for a space with a window for natural lighting.

Your reading space needs a window to enjoy nature while you’re sitting inside. Store your books out of the light. For example, install a bookshelf under a bed or use the unused space under a staircase.

Use your attic.

Take back the space in your attic with interior design Palm Springs that creatively uses the room to open it up and give you bookshelves and a reading nook.

Under the stairs

The space under the stairs is often wasted. Your interior design team can turn it into a beautiful reading nook with shelves to store books and a space to stretch out. Lighter colors can keep it from feeling as if you’re in a cave.

Install a window reading seat.

Transform a window alcove into a library by setting aside a space where you can curl up with a good book. The curtains can be used to hide you from your family.

Renovate a room to create a built-in reading nook.

Just about any room in your home could be changed into a library with a little help from a design team. Installing bespoke shelving and rearranging furniture can provide you with much-added space.

Use your patio.

Your patio could be enclosed to give you additional space for reading and books. You may need to install some ventilation to keep the books in their best condition.

Think vertically.

Renovate a room to place an alcove above the bed or next to a window that is accessible through steps, much like a bunk bed. Shelves could be installed below and around the alcove to give you a stunning library space.

Take a closet.

It’s hard to imagine anyone having an unused closet that could be refurbished into a library and reading nook, but you probably have a closet with stuff that is just in storage. Take back your home and make it more user-friendly by getting rid of things that you don’t use.

Think about how you use your home.

Do you have a guest room that gets dusty because you have so few guests? Make that space usable as a library by installing a day bed where you can stretch out and read but that will let a guest stay overnight occasionally.

Work with a team that understands interior design Santa Monica to create a library and reading space in your home.


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