things that never ends. Whether we need to clean the windows or clear the garage out, it can sometimes feel relentless and we wonder how we have time to get it done! But there are ways we can get things nice and sorted without giving up all out weekends. There’s no better time to do a deep spring clean and get things fresh, so here are some tips to help you get started…

Rearrange furniture

For an instant change and refresh, a fantastic easy way to get things sorted is to switch up the room’s furniture. A new layout might work well from a seasonal point of view as well, with the fire place being the vocal point of your living room in the winter but not so important in the summer. Don’t be afraid to introduce or swap furniture from another room for example, a chair in your conservatory might look ideal in your living or bedroom, that you only discovered since you started moving things about…

Paint, paint paint

A lick of paint is an obvious way to give things a refresh, and it’s a common renovation many of us fall back on. However have you ever considered painting your furniture? Whether you’re bored of the colour of your coffee table, or want to give the drinks cabinet a new lease of life, a fresh coat if paint will give your interior a new lease of life without taking ages and spending loads. Painting ceilings will make things appear brighter too and more inviting, without having to do any actual changes.

De clutter and organise

There is absolutely no substitute for this, and even all the renovations and painting in the world wont make up for this. There’s no point in having new floors, walls and furniture if there’s junk lying around still. Be ruthless – a décor without lots of bits always looks more effective than too many ornaments. If you have a busy family household, you’ll know all too well that clutter accumulates naturally, so reduce this as much as you can by clearing as much as you can out!

Gallery Wall

No matter which room you’re looking to jazz up, a gallery wall will really add some charter and playfulness to your room. This is ideal if you’re feeling lazy about doing lots of redecorating, hanging art pieces can detract from what really might need doing.

Sand down and refinish your floors

refinish your floors

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have a plush solid wood floor in your home, then this is the perfect opportunity to bring it back to life again. Although it is disruptive to sort out, we promise that you will notice a difference to how your home looks. It will remove any scratches, stains and dents that have developed over the years. The floor it usually the first thing you notice when you go into a room, so it’s key to get it right!


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