Hostinger Review: Is it Worth Buying?

Cheap, Reliable web hosting with many free extra features

Hostinger Review 2023
(Image credit: Hostinger)

I understand that finding an affordable and trustworthy web hosting partner is not child’s play. Especially in modern times when countless hosting companies are popping up in the market to stand out as the best.

To make the selection process easier for you, I introduce Hostinger – a web hosting service that offers excellent uptime and premium offerings. You can purchase these services at an economical price without compromising on the features. Let’s dive in to know more!


  • User-friendly interface
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL certificate
  • DDoS protection
  • Free Migration


  • No Phone support
  • cPanel only with VPS hosting plan
  • The cost of monthly plan rises considerably after the first year
  • The domain is free for the first year only.

Shared Hosting: Starts at $1.99

WordPress Hosting: start at $2.99

Cloud Hosting: Start at $9.99

Bottom Line

Hostinger is a great option for personal and small businesses in any industry who are looking for a reliable and affordable web hosting service. It offers excellent value for money and comes with a generous set of features.

A brief history of Hostinger:

Hostinger came into existence in the year 2004. Their major aim was to set up a reliable, developer-friendly hosting platform that can provide top-notch features, fast speed and reliable technical support for the price fair to everyone.

Right now, Hostinger is one of the most renowned names in the Industry. It has more than 29 million users in 178 countries. Every day, it gets over 15 new sign-ups- means 1 new user every 5 seconds!

The company has also spent a decent amount on the marketing and staffing as well. Currently, the company has 8 data centers in the different countries of the world that are being managed by over 200 employees.

Let’s review different aspects of Hostinger

When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider, there are many factors to consider. Uptime, Price, features, speed, and customer support are all important considerations. However, one of the most important factors is the type of hosting that is offered. Shared hosting, for example, is typically much cheaper than dedicated hosting but offers less control and flexibility. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, is a newer type of hosting that offers many benefits over traditional web hosting.


Any website owner knows that uptime is crucial. After all, if your site is down, your visitors can’t see your content. That’s why it’s important to choose a web hosting provider with a strong uptime record. Hostinger is one such provider. We regularly test our servers to ensure that they are running optimally. In fact, our uptime is 99.99%, so you can rest assured that your site will be up and running when your visitors need it.

Many hosting reviews mention response time, which is also known as latency. Personally, I prefer storage with low latency and have concerns about cloud-based storage because of internet latency. However, I can vouch for the fact that Hostinger is not one of those hosting providers. Their response time is constantly tested and monitored to make sure it’s as low as possible. So if you’re looking for a web host with great performance, look no further than Hostinger.

Page Speed test with Hostinger

Page Speed is an important factor for SEO and user experience. Hostinger uses a powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN) which helps to speed up your website by caching static content such as images, CSS, and JavaScript on several distributed servers around the world. This helps reduce latency and improve performance. In addition, Hostinger’s servers are optimized for WordPress websites with caching enabled to further boost page loading speeds. To find out how fast your site loads with Hostinger, you can use their Page Speed Test Tool. This tool will test the performance of your website and provide recommendations on how to improve it if needed.

During our test we noticed a very high usage on Hostinger server. The server response time was over two seconds on average, which is a bit high and indicates that the shared hosting plans are not suitable for websites with a large load.

Pricing and Hosting Plans:

Pricing is one of the major reasons for Hostinger dominance in the hosting industry.

Shared Hosting:

The company provides 3 types of plans:

Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans
Website Shared Hosting Plans (Image credit: Hostinger)

Single Website Plan – The plan is designed for small single website.

Premium Plan – It is an intermediate plan for multiple websites.

Business Plan – This superior package is suited for multiple high-traffic websites.

The starter plan begins at $1.99 per month and offers 50 GB of SSD storage along with 100 GB bandwidth. The premium plan is priced at $2.99 monthly for the first year (which renews at $11.99 monthly thereafter) per month and provides 100 GB of SSD Storage, alongside unlimited bandwidth. Lastly, the Business plan, priced at $3.99 per month (which renews at $15.99 monthly thereafter), comes with 200 GB of SSD storage space, and offers unlimited bandwidth. Premium and Business plans offer three free months. In addition, the free Cloudflare CDN provided can enhance your site’s performance and speed.

Hostinger’s shared plans offer numerous valuable extra features that are worth noting. Many features that are paid for on other companies’ plans are provided for free by Hostinger, such as Free SSL, Free Domain, Free CDN, Weekly backup, and much more.

Hostinger WordPress hosting:

Hostinger offers an affordable WordPress hosting plan that includes a free domain name, SSL certificate, and email accounts. The WordPress Starter plan is $2.99 per month for the first year’s commitment (which renews at $11.95 per month). It includes 100 GB of storage, Unlimited bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate. The WordPress Business plan is $3.99 per month for the first year’s commitment (which renews at $15.95 per month). It includes 200 GB of storage, Unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name and SSL certificate, and email accounts. Consider upgrading to the WordPress Pro plan that offers higher performance and is optimized for business and eCommerce. This plan includes 3 GB of RAM, 2 CPU cores, dedicated resources, and an IP address.

Hostinger WordPress hosting
WordPress Hosting Plans (Image credit: Hostinger)

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a scalable and flexible option that can be adapted to meet the changing needs of your website. For example, if you experience a sudden spike in traffic, cloud hosting can scale up to meet the demand without affecting the performance of your site. Additionally, cloud hosting is often more reliable than traditional web hosting because it spreads your website across multiple servers. This means that if one server goes down, your website will still be accessible from another server.

Hostinger offers three different tiers of cloud hosting: Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional, and Cloud Global. Cloud Startup is designed for small websites and comes with 1 GB of storage and 10 GB of bandwidth. Cloud Professional is perfect for medium-sized websites and includes 5 GB of storage and 50 GB of bandwidth. For large websites or high-traffic websites, Hostinger offers Cloud Global which includes 10 GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth. All three plans come with a free SSL certificate and 24/7 customer support. Prices start at just $9.80 per month for Cloud Startup, making Hostinger an affordable option for those who want to take advantage of the benefits of cloud hosting.

Shared Hosting Free Bonuses (Image credit: Hostinger)

Extra Features:

Hostinger’s shared plans offer numerous valuable extra features that are worth noting. Many features that are paid for on other companies’ plans are provided for free by Hostinger, such as Free SSL, Free Domain, Free CDN, Weekly backup, and much more.

Website Builder: It is an amazing tool from Hostinger that gives you the liberty to create a user-friendly website simply by dragging and dropping. Here you get thousands of free templates, out of which you can choose the one that best suits your website’s niche.

The tool is very handy. Anyone with basic coding knowledge can use it.

PHP and SQL Support: Other than basic package, both premium and business package by Hostinger come with free PHP and SQL Support. It is probably making Hostinger the best-suited hosting solution for WordPress sites.

SSD Storage: You will be surprised to know that Hostinger uses SSD storage system on its server for all shared plans. In comparison to old HDD storage device, SSD storage devices are very advanced. They are more stable and deliver 4 times better speed.

Moreover, they are less prone to damage and data loss.

Easy Set Up and Control Panel Access:

Hostinger Control Panel Access
Hostinger Control Panel Access (Image credit: Hostinger)

Hostinger can be used to set up a website in just a few clicks. Select your desired hosting plan, choose your domain name, and then fill out your personal information. Once your account is created, you can start building your website by choosing from one of the many templates available. You can also use Hostinger to set up an eCommerce website or a secure login area for members only.

All Hostinger shared hosting plans include a custom control panel called hPanel which can be accessed easily by logging into your member area and navigating to the hosting section. In the hosting section, you can view all your hosting accounts and select the one you wish to access by clicking on it.


Hostinger takes security seriously and provides a secure environment for your website. All hosting plans come with SSL certificates which provide encryption to ensure that data transferred between the server and your visitors is kept confidential. In addition, Hostinger also offers daily malware scans, DDoS protection, and regular backups to help keep your website safe from malicious attacks.

Customer Support

It is one of the important factors, every website owner must consider before buying web hosting. If your site is down where you would go?

Every time, any issue is encountered, you have to seek assistance from the support department. And without prompt support, your website is always a risk.

I have tried numerous hosting providers. Hostinger is the only one that provided satisfactory support.

Hostinger specializes in customer satisfaction, you can access their support through two mediums i.e. Live Chat and Ticket Support. Although Hostinger does not support phone support yet these two mediums are competent enough to give your prompt and reliable support 24 hours, all seven days a week.

Please be aware that there have been numerous complaints from customers online about slow response times and inadequate support team communication. Please take this into consideration before proceeding with signing up.

Ticket Support is another medium of support provided by Hostinger. It is more reliable as compared to the live chat system because all your queries get logged and you can track them easily. The response time for tickets varies within 24 hours.

We found that the technical issues were addressed quickly, but its take time to solve other issues like billing and payment etc.

Overall, when it comes to Hostinger support, we can say that its satisfactory. The ticketing system is more reliable but take some time to get response. The live chat system is a little bit slow in responding.


If you’re looking for an affordable web hosting provider with reliable uptime, premium plans, and decent customer service, consider Hostinger. Their shared hosting plans come with various features that are perfect for hosting a single small personal or business website. However, if you have a website with high usage or traffic, their shared hosting plans might not be enough. It is recommended to upgrade to their higher tier plans or consider using cloud hosting instead. Alternatively, you could consider other web hosting services like Bluehost, KnownHost, or InMotion Hosting that offer better performance but at a higher price.

Note that Hostinger’s services will be priced higher after the first year, which may not suit everyone. However, you can sign up for a 2 or 4-year plan to maintain the initial price.


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