Ask any food lover, and he will not shy away from admitting that hot sauce is probably the greatest gift to humanity. That’s no exaggeration. It brings that unique flavour and zing to the meal that is unparallel. It can transform any dish and therefore, cannot be considered a simple condiment.

Hot sauce complements a preparation so well irrespective of the cuisine that it elevates a boring food to some to look forward to and bring the dish to the edge of greatness. 

Hot sauce everywhere

Hot sauces come in different types based on the variation of ingredients and the preparation. You have numerous hot sauces to choose from with so many names and originating from countries all over the world. Take the spicy mayo sauce; for instance, the unique perspective it brings to each of your recipes is incredible. Thank all those wonderful artisans that make these different forms of hot sauce. 

Just dash a little or more into almost anything be it your pizza, tacos or burritos, splash it over even your pasta or sandwich, and you know what you have for a treat now. 

Different ways to use your hot sauce

You can never be short of ways how you can use it in your different kitchen preparations. Here are a few:

The breakfast– just add a few drops or more to your morning eggs, and the taste will be irresistible. It will almost become a habit for you always to have the sauce in your breakfast. 

With chicken wings– The baked chicken wings get even better with your hot sauce. You can toss the wings with it for a spicy and finger-licking taste that will make you ask for more. 

Marinades– A dollop of the hot sauce and it brings a characteristic taste that will linger in your tongue for long. And you can extend this to other cuisines as well be it a barbecue or a grilled beef dish. 

Your soup– Just the way vinegar or lemon juice makes your soup tastier, hot sauce will further perk up the taste and brighten the flavour. 

All-purpose– When you stir your salad with the hot sauce be it the tuna or the chicken salad, sandwiches, maybe a sushi roll, or a bowl of greens, the taste gets augmented to different levels. 

Tips on choosing the best

The ingredients– Read the product label to see the contents of the hot sauce. The smart thing is to look for complimentary ingredients, that might work better for your different dishes. 

The taste test– It is something, we always recommend, after all, you know your palate better than anyone else does. How does your tongue respond? What flavours stand out the most to you? Hot sauce if the chosen right can change the way you cook and the taste that your dishes will give. Some hot sauces you amplify while others may mellow. Therefore the choice rests upon you. 

Check how much you can tolerate– It is one aspect that you should not miss. When you taste it, check how hot it is? The range when it comes to the heat level is vast. You have the choice of the milder jalapeno-based ones to the hots and the super hots. Only you can best decide which one will be best for you. Ask if confused– Be it on the internet-based forums or the face to face opportunity, just don’t hesitate to ask, to gain more clarity. Most of the people will be happy to share their reviews and other inputs. You might also get some food ideas to explore as well. 

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