Though technology is blamed time and again for creating distances among us, it should simultaneously be given its due share of credit for assisting us in caring for our loved ones better. There are several devices available today, to give a better life to our aging loved ones. 

GPS provides precise location details of the carriers to special receiving devices. A senior GPS tracker is easy to install and helps to ensure the safety of our elderly whenever they are out. There are plenty of features that these apps provide for their users.

Panic button

A good GPS tracker has a panic button. The elderly might find themselves in a threatening situation which can’t be detected by the caregiver through monitoring. These buttons are designed for the users to send an emergency signal to their caregivers in case of a possible danger. This will help caregivers to provide immediate assistance to users and prevent a potential mishappening.

Geofence alert

Geofence alert allows the caregivers to set predetermined Geofences. The app sends alerts to the caregivers if the user enters or leaves a particular radius. It enables the users to create as many fences as required with no area limits. The caregivers can keep track of the virtual fences and can keep modifying them as needed. 

Real-time location

GPS trackers provide accurate and detailed real time locations of the users at all times, directly to caregivers. For the families of senior citizens suffering from diseases like Dementia or Alzheimer’s, this technology is a life saver. It helps to locate the users and prevent them from wandering or getting lost helping to bring peace of mind.

2- way Voice Calling

This is another most sought after features of a GPS tracker that can assist you in always keeping your loved ones within reach. The elderly can call any of the 2 or 3 registered contact numbers just as easily as touching a button. This will help the family to guide the elderly and prevent them from losing the way or getting into a dangerous situation. 

There are plenty of Senior GPS trackers available in the market with diverse features and at varied price ranges and set of functionalities. However, if you are unwilling to invest in the technology due to one reason or other, you don’t have to be disheartened because you can find ample available options. Other than the GPS tracker apps, you have a number of alternatives available to cater to your needs. 

To begin with, there is free senior safety app available at the click of a button. These apps can be installed into your loved one’s cell phones and it will act as a GPS tracker. You can log into your ID and can know the whereabouts of the user through the website. Now the only thing you need to ensure is that your seniors never forget to carry their cell phones along.

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