The modern-day business has many facets that you have to keep track of to ensure optimal performance. These aspects vary in many ways, and one of the most important ones would be security for your devices.

It’s especially hard if you have connected your local business network to the internet or any other private setup as well. You never know when your business will be prone to these security issues, and you have to find suitable solutions.

An exemplary authentication system is crucial, and you have to make it as thorough as possible for the best outcomes. A good example would be Fortinet Fortitoken, which is special mobile security software.

What is Fortinet Fortitoken?

It’s mobile software that provides the perfect security solution for accessing your company’s systems. It’s a cloud-based system that users can access from any location. Besides, the system is available on a subscription-based method, where you can pay for specific services.

Users can access the system by creating a user account and accessing a dashboard to manage the company systems. However, before accessing the system, you have to go through a two-step authentication process.

The system has many different features that work to help add a layer to the authentication process. While the mobile version includes a basic login system with an OTP, various other components run in the background.

Thanks to these features, you can run the Fortinet Fortitoken mobile system.

How Fortinet Fortitoken Adds an Extra Layer of Security to the Authentication Process

Adding another layer of verification to your business can have many positive benefits. No one will access your system software without your knowledge or a specialized key.

The software lets you set up several tokens of the multi-factor authentication process. First, download the free mobile version of the app from Android or Google Play, Fortinet Fortitoken adds an extra layer of security to the authentication process.

Then, the system administrator will give you a token, which comes in the form of an SMS activation code and expiry date notification. Expiry means that you have to get a new one.

A few of the specific steps include:

  1. Get your preferred devices, and launch the FortiToken mobile app available on GooglePlay and the Apple store. If you are using the app for the first time, you will create a pin as part of the login details.
  2. Access your device and launch the FortiToken Mobile app. If this is your first time opening the application, it may prompt you to create a PIN. The PIN will provide secure access to the application and tokens.
  3. Once you receive the notification through email, use the camera on your handheld device to scan the OR code.
  4. If the code has come through SMS, then input it directly to the app. Then, choose “Fortinet” or “Other” to integrate the token as a third-party resource.
  5. Then, provide all the valuable details, such as your name and email. Once the process is complete, input the key in the Key section. Click on complete.
  6. The app will produce the token instantly. If you want to access the OTP digits, click on the eye icon. Once you launch the app, it will provide a new 6-digit OTP after every half a minute.

Benefits of Using this Software System

Your business is not safe, especially when you use the traditional login procedures. Fortitoken protects your system from various issues by offering the following help.

Adds a Two-Layer Authentication

The system features a unique login system where users have to go through a two-step authentication process. Using this approach is exceptional because your system can sometimes be prone to hacks such as keyloggers.

Such software runs in the background to steal your data, and a user can log in to your profile for malicious purposes. However, Fortinet Fortitoken ensures that the hacker never gains access to your profile, even if they have the correct logins.

The system will require them to submit a few details and codes, which will be enough to stop any hacker in their tracks.

Features the Latest Updates on Threats

Fortitoken also scans the internet regularly for threats, software data, algorithms, and more. It then consolidates the information in a unique database. It then uses this information to ensure your system is free from any such attacks.

On average, the system scans millions of data sources each day, so it’s always active in the background. The best part is that it runs automatically, and you don’t have to get technical with customizing features.

Once you set up your profile and choose a subscription, the system starts running automatically to collect the data.

Comes with Flexible AI System

Since security software systems are sometimes prone to bugs and malware issues, Fortinet features an AI system for this issue. The AI offers a “self-healing” function to correct any instances of errors in the system automatically.

Further, the AI system is so effective that you won’t need to perform any updates or re-installation procedures. It updates automatically.

Customized Security Systems

Since different businesses have varying systems and needs, Fortinet’s support staff can help you develop a customized approach. The system will provide all the basic security features available on Fortinet, but with extras to suit your business.

Available with the Zero Trust Systems

Ranking high up among some of the best security software today, Fortinet Fortitoken can protect your business from many threats. A few of these common threats include:

  • Keyloggers – software that one can install to extract any queries and login details you type through your keyboard.
  • Viruses- malicious software that can target specific functions, software, and data in your business system.
  • Phishing scams including fake pages or software that one can use to extract data from your system.

Fortinet’s Features That Enhance Security

Taking the bold step to secure your business further can have many instant benefits. You get the freedom to focus on other equally important aspects of your business and acquire a peace of mind. A few of the benefits of using this security system include:

Reliable Security Operations

Any business using the internet or any other form of networking resource has to find ways to protect with ever-increasing rates of threats. Fortinet provides the correct security operations, and it works fast so that no major disruptions will occur.

Plus, the AI feature makes the system even more efficient as it keeps on providing updates. Their system also features an advanced threat detection and response mechanism.

The best part about it all is that you can manage all these features from a convenient dashboard.

End to End Point Security and Breach Protection

The system features a robust end-to-end security system that can perform various functions. It can protect, detect and respond against all forms of security threats to your system.

Fortinet achieves this by using robust end-to-end security systems. Also, the system offers various behavior-based detection and response functions.

The breach protection systems come with unique analytic mechanisms to provide high-quality detection and response mechanisms.

Robust Cloud Protection

As the need for remote working increases all over the world, firms are increasingly adopting the use of cloud-based resources. Interestingly, most of these businesses often fail to consider the importance of applying security measures.

With Fortinet, you can have the peace of mind required to make the most of cloud-based resources. The system provides the right capabilities to access these cloud systems and centralized management solutions.

Fortinet offers various web application security solutions that are ideal for cloud-based customers, improving regulatory compliance for relevant applications and API-specific security packages.

Advanced Security Measures

Fortinet has an excellent security-driven networking strategy that offers an exceptionally secure work environment. So, you can scale the network without compromising on safety.

Using this next-generation approach is vital in staying active against the changing nature of the threats. The inclusion of FortiGuard labs in network operations is also an excellent security mechanism.

It’s a setup that features notable digital technology experts to provide valuable data. The goal of these professionals is to provide you with an automated and convenient security system. A few of the valuable things to expect include:

  • Technical staff – refers to a threat intelligence team that works in the background and cooperates with an AI system. They gather useful information and analyze the changing nature of system security threats.
  • Subscription help – the support staff will help you choose the correct subscriptions to suit your business. So, no resources in your company ever goes to waste. Plus, they also offer consultation on useful strategies for making the most of the software system.

You have to be careful to safeguard your business from malicious people who want to steal your data or compromise user systems. You need to be well informed about a few of these threats and why you can use Fortinet Fortitoken. While it’s a subscription-based system, the benefits make it a helpful addition to your business.

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