In pretty much any industry, great service is the key to success. Your business should treat your customers like kings and queens. Ensuring they have a good experience before, during, and after a purchase will keep them coming back.

It’s no different in the banking world. Institutions need to offer exceptional service if they want to retain customers. If they don’t adopt this approach, they are unlikely to survive in today’s competitive market.

In this article, we cover how banks stay competitive with their customer service. Keep in mind that institutions from small credit unions to the nation’s largest banks use these strategies.

Prioritizing Convenience

In today’s day and age, customers don’t just want convenience. They expect it.

Companies stay competitive by delivering high-quality products quickly and efficiently. As a bank, you should strive to do the same.

The best banks prioritize convenience through strategies like:

  • Having an online presence. For many people, gone are the days of visiting their bank in person. It can be much more convenient to conduct business online. So, you should ensure that your website and mobile apps are intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Ensuring the optimization of cash in banks. When customers need to withdraw cash, it should be readily available at a wide variety of locations. You can make this possible with the help of cash optimization services like Perativ, which lets banks know the optimal amount of cash for each ATM they have.
  • Offering self-help opportunities. Consumers don’t always want to contact live help if they have a problem. Offer self-help guides and portals so that they can resolve the issue on their own!
  • Having a hotline available. While you should have self-help opportunities, they are no replacement for live representatives. Have live help available to quickly resolve issues.
  • Operating during flexible hours. People are busy. You should make their lives easier by operating during flexible hours. (This applies to both your in-person hours and your by-phone support.)

Educating Customers

People often aren’t as financially literate as they should be. Empower your customers through education! They will appreciate workshops, fairs, brochures, and other helpful resources.

Reducing Fees

Many banks nickel and dime their customers. Set yourself apart by reducing fees as much as possible. This will show that you are more focused on providing help rather than making a profit.

Protecting Their Information

This should go without saying, but protecting your customer is key. They are honoring you by trusting you as their bank. Safeguard their information by implementing the industry’s best technology and security measures.

Investing in Your Employees

Without your employees, your institution would be nothing. Investing in your team will boost morale and ensure they treat your customers just as well.

Of course, you should take care of your employees financially. Offer competitive salaries, benefits, and other perks.

You should also provide adequate training. Ensure that every representative has the knowledge and experience to handle transactions and requests. They should be helpful, friendly, and eager to serve your customers. 

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Soliciting Feedback

All of the strategies we’ve discussed so far are bound to improve your customer service.

That being said, you should adopt strategies that are specific to your customers’ wants and needs. To do this, you need to first figure out what these wants and needs are.

You might think you know your customers better than anyone else. While it’s true that you have a unique relationship with them, you probably don’t know exactly what they want. Why not just ask them yourself?

Soliciting feedback takes out a lot of the guesswork. It gives customers a chance to tell you what you’re doing well and what you can improve on. This allows you to make adjustments and improve your overall service.

We recommend soliciting feedback whenever possible. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and recognize that you care about their opinion. Have your phone representatives close calls with a request for feedback, add a pop-up survey to your website, etc. As you can see, banks can’t afford to skimp on great service. Treat your customers well and cater to their unique needs. This will ensure they keep coming back and even spread the word. 

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