Among felony arrests in Lake County during the last decade, a slightly larger share accounted for more severe Class 2 or higher felonies. A felony conviction in Illinois has potentially significant implications for employment, housing, and eligibility for various government services.

If you or any of your family members face a felony charge, you can reach out to criminal lawyers Lake County, IL, to represent you and take you through the whole trial proceeding. They specialize working on all types of felony offenses ranging from theft, assault, battery, drug and unlawful use of weapon crimes.

Penalties of Felony Cases in Lake County

Individuals convicted of a felony‐level offense, depending on their offense’s severity, can be sentenced to serve probation or a jail term of up to 1 year with applicable fines. Individuals sentenced to probation in Lake County are supervised and referred to services by the Lake County Probation and Court Services Department.

Here’s how a criminal defense attorney helps you fight your felony charges:

They Will Interview About The Case

All criminal lawyers in Lake County, IL, start with an initial consultation, as it is the first step to help fight your felony charges. They will meet up with you and talk about the case. They will try to get information and details about the case as much as possible.

They will ask you specific questions to learn your strengths, weaknesses, and possible defenses regarding the case. The criminal lawyer will conduct a thorough questioning and then step into the case. 

They Will Investigate the Case

Once they are satisfied with the data you provided during the questioning session, they will get into the case’s crux by starting the investigation. They will try all possible ways to acquit you. It can be questioning the police regarding the procedures or talking to a witness who has information.

The local criminal lawyer will work with this information to build a strong defense. The criminal lawyers in Lake County, have all the rights to conduct a review of the prosecution’s case before it goes to the jury. During this process, they can find any legal loopholes that can be used to fight your felony charge.

Analyzing the Evidence

After the Lake County criminal lawyer gathers all possible data, they will analyze the evidence and compare it with the case’s theories and facts. They may also independently test the evidence. With this, they can even find legal theories that can prove your felony false.

Jury Selection & Plea Bargaining

 If the criminal lawyer is from any local parts of Lake County, it will help the jury selection process. They will assist the process and plea in removing jurors if they are biased or for any untrustworthy reasons.

The lawyer is also responsible for discussing the case’s status and negotiating for a plea bargain with the prosecutor. A reliable criminal lawyer will secure a fair deal for you. It can be dismissing your felony charges or reduction of charges and punishments. 

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They Will Be a Part of the Trial

The criminal lawyer is an essential part of the trial proceeding. They will wield all the information and use it to fight for you during the trial. They will examine and cross-examine the witnesses and break down the other party’s proof and stance. They will do their best to discuss all possible perceptions to bring down your felony charge. 

Felony cases in Illinois have huge repercussions on your permanent records. It’s best to reach out to local criminal lawyers in Lake County IL if you are charged with any felony cases. 

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