In the retail fashion, display mannequin need to behave like the customers and assume their values to influence the purchase. One of the primary forms of attraction is the proper use of mannequin body, to represent consumers and their interaction with the products.

A study conducted by the NPD Group shows that 42% of customers say that a product presented on a display mannequin influences their purchase decision. On the other hand, about 20% of consumers reject a store that does not have a showcase that they like. In the fashion sector, 85% of purchases are directly influenced by the products presented on the mannequin body in the showcases. These data show the influence of a mannequin body on the invoicing of stores and indicates that the customer somehow identifies with the mannequins.

“The mannequins instantly convey the positioning of a brand. By using them well, the retailer also keeps away the public that may not necessarily be their customer. The productivity of the sale thus increases.” explained a CEO from one mannequin manufacturer.

Therefore, the specialist adds that knowing who your client is could be essential because you have to create empathy. Although it does not mean there is a precise standard match. It depends on each client and type of audience.

“The showcase is one of the most accessible sales tools; what you need to do is to be creative and dedicate some time to exploit it to the fullest. In addition, if the display mannequin does not delight the client, the possibility to lose the sale is enormous,” said the specialist.

In retail fashion, the display mannequin is the second factor that most influences the time of purchase. As long as this happens, the customer becomes more prone to make the purchase.

“Mannequins influence 42% of people”, also, the mannequins facilitate the choice of products because it visualizes how the clothes are combined with each other. For that reason, retail stores have also invested in mannequins on the sales floor, and not just in the showcases.



PC mannequin is exclusively manufactured by Posh Concept, an expert in producing eco-friendly mannequin for more than 50 years.There are some characteristics of Posh Concept’s products that differentiate it from other brands:

– Different color series are available, ranging from the original color, transparent, semi-transparent to other special effect series, etc. No matter what the buyers prefer, they can always find the one that suits their need in Posh Concept’s series. What’s more, the customization is also provided.

– The poses are made in 3D, and the display mannequin is produced from printers. Each customization of the mannequin body will go through fine processing including 3D file, creating 3D, confirming 3D, new mould, pre-production sample, confirming the sample, and starting production.

– The materials used in producing mannequins eco-friendly and recyclable, ensuring a green production process and safe use. The PC mannequin is non-toxic, odorless, and has a long life-span.

mannequins eco-friendly

“The display mannequin must show the customer aspects that go beyond the product. It is responsible for revealing current behavior and values. It is for this reason that the mannequin body needs to be unique and last long.” Unlike the old mannequins, which were made of wax only and weighed more than 100 kg, the mannequin styles today are endless. Both the materials have renewed, and the applied technology has improved.

“The customer experience, especially the sensorial part, will continue to occur in the physical store. It will be increasingly important to strengthen the brand.”That’s why you should pay intense attention to the display mannequin. If you get started, Posh Concept is your excellent companion on the way.

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