Invisalign treatment, also known as clear aligner treatment, has revolutionized the treatment of misaligned teeth across the world. These are 3D printed, transparent dental braces that are used to correct the positioning of teeth. There are 30 different types of invisalign aligners available in the market. You can numerous dentists for invisalign in Orange County.

Traditional braces have been effective for a long time. But they simultaneously have caused constant irritation to the patient who is wearing them because of their metallic construction. Adding to that, the negativity associated with appearing in braces has its fair share of social stigma attached. But patients can now breathe a sigh of relief. This piece of a revolutionary concept must be taken under the guidance of an orthodontist. These are generally invisible unless observed minutely. While braces are to be worn 24/7 at least for two years, these show their effect in much lesser time. Both dental braces and invisalign cost more or less the same but the invisalign are twice as useful. Its cleaning is much easier than braces. Lukewarm water is enough to decontaminate it easily. Although braces are prescribed in more complex and severe cases but in cases other than that invisalign is a clear winner.

Apart from being invisible and removable, they do not have the problem of food getting stuck. The patient can also keep them on while eating as because no damage is caused by them. However, with certain pros come some inevitable cons. It must be taken off while washing the insides of the mouth or drinking as there is a possibility of the liquid getting into it. The patient must brush their teeth with the invisalign on to avoid staining on the same. Invisalign are a no go for patients with certain conditions. People with back tooth bite issues will not have the same effectiveness as front tooth ones. It has limited affectivity when it comes to the correction of premolar or canine teeth. In addition to that, the need to move teeth vertically falls into that category of less effectiveness. Although orthodontists prescribe wearing them more the majority part of the day, but different people have different disciplinary tendencies. So those are of undisciplined nature will not be able to keep wearing them for longer durations and hence will not be as effective.

So in a way it is evident that there are certain pros and cons on both ends. None of the given alternatives, traditional braces or invisalign can be judged as a clear winner as because braces have been around for decades. But the advent of the invisalign treatment is at its nascence. So there has been is a clear lack of long term data for clarity of judgement.