Stylish rigid packaging are used for the presentation of well-known brands. The presence of magnets makes them more secure. They are hidden inside the box and a click sound allows to control the closure of the package. A stylish design adds status and appeal to the product. To choose the appropriate brand design, just use the special constructor on the website in order to create a premium magnet box design.

The solid structure will not allow fashionable devices or unusual jewelry to move freely inside the package. They will be reliably protected from external influences. The customer will receive the goods in perfect condition.

Why magnetic rigid boxes are so popular for products packaging?

Product packaging magnet box design is the most popular way to increase the brand awareness. It is possible to place a personal logo or a company slogan on the package surface.

The main advantages of this type of packaging are:

  1. High level protection of the product. The box with a magnet allows to securely protect your products. The lid will not accidentally open, so you can be sure about the safety of your products.
  2. Elegant appearance. The magnetic boxes look stylish and attractive. Customers will be happy when they will receive a product like this.
  3. Different design. It is enough to get acquainted with the options offered on the pages of the website to choose an exclusive package design. With the help of the constructor, it is possible to add any decorative elements on the surface of the box.

The original way to decorate a magnetic box is using a foil stamping. In this case, the metal foil will be placed on the surface of the package. For a more unusual look, it is possible to use a personal logo printed on top of the foil.

To make the gift box with magnetic closure looking stylish and modern, a dot seal is placed on it. The protective coating will shimmer under the rays of sunshine and the hard glossy surface will attract the attention of every customer. It is possible to choose a matte coating, which looks no less original. Additional prints and inscriptions are applied to the surface with quality inks that will not wash off over time.

There is often a foam insert inside the box. It allows the goods to be secured so that they will not be damaged during the shipment. In this way, the shipping safety is significantly increased.

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Many customers prefer soft surfaces that are pleasant to touch. You can decorate the box with appropriate materials to increase the customer interest in your product.

Often companies indicate a link to their own website on the packaging. So customers who have purchased a product can view the full list of services provided directly from their computer or smartphone. Choose the right fonts and colors to match your image. Stylish letters will look even more appealing and consumers will enjoy the unique look of the purchase.

Where can you create you own design of custom magnetic boxes?

When your product is packaged in a box with magnetic flap, it will look more stylish and aesthetic. A gift box is the best way to increase brand loyalty. The sturdy material and original design are what will make the customer choose your product.

Create custom magnetic gift box has become even easier. It is enough to visit the website page and use the constructor, which allows to create a design of your own choice. The selection of settings and functionality will help to design the box the way you want it. You can choose magnetic boxes with a hinged lid, as well as the design of each part of the package.

The boxes are great for packaging of a variety of products, from devices to jewelry. The products will look appropriate. They can be offered as a stylish gift. Customers will be satisfied with the quality of service, as well as the appearance of products neatly arranged in a stylish package.


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