Suffering an injury is something that could have a big impact on you, with stress, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder among the key issues that you might encounter on the road to recovery. Research has shown that maintaining a positive attitude is crucial, so how can you do this?

Accept a Temporary Change of Lifestyle

A study by Beyond Blue showed that one out of every three people who suffered a serious injury also suffered depression in the three months following it. When this happens, the recovery to full fitness tends to be slower and a lot more difficult. The first step is to accept that the body is hurt and needs time to get back to the way it was before. Problems can arise if you don’t let the impact of the accident sink in.

You might not accept that your circumstances have changed and that you need to let your body heal before getting back to normal. The situation is even more complicated if the injury means that you won’t be able to go back to the same job or carry out the same lifestyle in the foreseeable future. Financial issues during the recovery period will make this more difficult, as it could lead to the feeling that the return to work needs to be rushed.

If a third party is responsible through negligence, the personal injury claims process can bring you some much-needed financial help, allowing you to concentrate more fully on your recovery. Any affected person needs to contact a solicitor within the legal time limit following the incident, which varies by country. For example, in Ireland a claim needs to be notified in the two years from the date of knowledge of the injury.

Set Yourself a Goal That Motivates You

You might feel depressed if you think that the injury has robbed you of the chance to carry out the plans that you have in place for the next few weeks or months. Yet, you could also turn this around to your advantage by considering what longer-term goals might motivate you to get better a bit more quickly.

A lot of people plan charity runs or walks as they recover from an accident or illness, while others think about where they can go on vacation or what changes they can make to the house. You might even see this as a good moment to consider your future career path and goals. Whatever motivates you to feel more positive when you wake up each morning is a good thing that could speed up your recovery.

The first step to setting a goal is to create the big picture of what you want to do. Are you looking to make up for lost time by exploring the world, or will you be happier if you have plans in place to meet up with the friends and family that you haven’t been able to see during this period? It should be something that is achievable but that makes you work harder to recover and achieve it.

Find a Hobby to Help Pass the Time

Finding a new hobby is a terrific idea at any time, and even more so when you are stuck at home recovering from an injury. You need to give your body a lot of rest while it heals, but this creates the risk of your mind getting bored. Thankfully, there are many different ideas you can choose from online that make it easy to try something new even if you can’t get around much just now.

From learning to play a new musical instrument to picking up a foreign language or meditating, there are lots of things that you might find interesting if you look around. The right hobbies can help bring some structure to your day and could also introduce you to new social connections when you most need them.  

The road to recovery from a serious injury is never easy. However, by carrying out the steps we have looked at here you will give yourself the best possible chance of staying positive and getting back to full health sooner rather than later.  


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