The extensive legalization of marijuana in many global jurisdictions means that it is now more accessible for recreational and therapeutic purposes. Nonetheless, the position of cannabis in sports is still highly contested. Competitive sports still ban participants from using cannabis. Although there is a need for more research on the use of marijuana in athletic performance, the available studies point out cannabis’ benefits in sporting activities. But what does CBD do, and can it enhance athletic performance? This is the question many want answers to.

May Reduce Inflammation And Muscle Soreness

One of the biggest worries for athletes is muscle soreness. If you work out a lot, you should be familiar with muscle soreness. That soreness is a part of an athlete’s life, and you can’t avoid it if you need muscles to grow or maintain their strength. The cause of that muscle soreness is inflammation. You will experience a sensation of discomfort about a day or two after intensive exercise. If it is so intense, you might think it is a muscle injury, but it isn’t. When your muscles stretch during training or heavy physical activity, the muscle fibers begin to break down. The fibers then reassemble and repair into larger, stronger muscles. This means that you are getting more robust, and the muscles are preparing to handle the heavier load.

While muscle soreness is normal, it could affect your performance or even derail your training. All athletes, including bodybuilders, experience muscle soreness. The difference is how you manage or respond to it. 

Cannabis is packed with anti-inflammatory properties, and since inflammation is the primary cause of muscle soreness, managing inflammation will help you treat soreness. Cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid derived from cannabis, is an anti-inflammatory agent that you can buy over the counter if cannabis is legal in your country. CBD has multiple applications in inflammatory conditions. Currently, CBD Oil for pain is used to treat and manage symptoms of inflammatory conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

You don’t have to worry about smoking cannabis to get CBD into your body. There is a range of CBD products ranging from oils to tinctures that you can ingest or apply topically. If you feel soreness on a particular muscle, you can just rub CBD ointment on the affected part and leave it to do its wonders.

Enhance Relaxation And Reduce

Can Enhance Relaxation And Reduce Anxiety

There is no evidence that marijuana can directly enhance athletic performance. However,  athletes who use cannabis for recreational purposes believe that it may improve their performance. On the contrary, research shows that cannabis use does not directly increase muscle strength. What is now clear is that while marijuana may not aid muscle strength, it influences various chemical pathways in the body, which may improve endurance.

Cannabis’ ability to induce relaxation and reduce anxiety can indirectly improve performance. Think about your ability to achieve your fullest athletic potential when you are anxious. Meager levels of anxiety can benefit performance due to increased brain arousal. But too much anxiety affects performance negatively. When anxiety level reaches a point where it hinders performance, you can benefit from the anxiolytic and sedative effects of cannabis.

Many athletes suffer anxiety before a competition, and microdosing on cannabis can help reduce anxiety. Such small doses will also relax your body and mind.

Exercise or intense physical activity tears the muscles, enabling them to enlarge and grow. While this process is essential, it can result in unbearable pain. Luckily, clinical trials show that administering THC and CBD is effective in managing nociceptive pain.

CBD targets pain through two channels. One way is by controlling the inflammatory response that results in pain, while the other is by inhibiting the body’s response to pain. If you experience pain resulting from training, then cannabis products can help relax your muscles and relieve the associated pain.


Nowadays, people are preferring the CBD products for getting the benefits from it. If you’re thinking of adding CBD in your daily workout routine then don’t forget to consult with your doctor to get the recommended dosage for you.