Technology has become a vital tool for growing businesses and corporations. Without it, it would be harder to maintain a loyal customer base or stay connected with employees. When using technology, security has become one of the primary investments – whether it be an antivirus software or an online protection company, such as Computers in the City, an IT support company from London.

However,  protection is not everything as you still need to make working and accessing files easier, which is where cloud storage comes in. Cloud storage is turning the business world around since it is making it easier to store data on the web where anyone within the company can easily access it. Cloud storage improves operations; it is flexible, cost friendly, secure, and also eco-friendly. These points are vital to companies because it is what makes the difference between success and failure.

1. Improves Operations

Businesses need to operate quickly and efficiently and cloud storage helps with that. By using cloud storage, companies are able to create apps or websites where customers can easily access information without needing workers’ assistance. This helps businesses connect better with their customers and adapt to customers’ desires. Data stored in the cloud is always up to date as it ensures that employees won’t upload old or outdated information if there is already an updated version stored in the cloud. Small companies are now able to use enterprise applications they could not use before, and it gives them a chance to stand up alongside larger businesses.

2. Flexible

Before, data could only be stored on a personal drive, meaning it was harder to share and was only stored on one computer. The best thing about cloud storage is how easily data and files can be accessed from any computer. As employees can access the cloud to obtain the desired data without special permissions or on just one specific computer, this is especially helpful when helping customers or working remotely. Data can be edited in real time, so there is no concern whether other customers or employees will see the updated information in time. The size of the available data storage can be adjusted to match the size of the company and its needs. If a company ever needs more storage in the future, it can be easily added and accessed the same day.

3. Cost Friendly

A major plus to why cloud computing will keep growing is due to the cost. Companies would typically outsource IT support to manage, update, and control their technological tools, but cloud storage does it all on its own. Because cloud storage manages its own maintenance and updates, businesses will not have to budget for these additional needs so they can instead use the money to further advance their companies in different areas.

Businesses can pay for the storage that they need and not be forced to conform to set data storage, which is a plus for smaller companies that don’t need massive amounts of storage. Money saving does not only come in maintaining the cloud but in the employees themselves. If more employees can easily rotate between working from home and the office, it means that companies can spend less on desks, office supplies, and even food and water for the employees.

4. Secure

Cloud storage is one of the more secure forms to store and backup your data. Before, when data could be stored on one computer, if the computer were to crash it would mean that all of the data would be lost and force the company to figure out what to do next. However, if data is stored in the cloud, businesses will not have to worry if computers crash as all data is safe and accessible from the cloud and saved on to new computers.

Another benefit is that cloud storage helps against hackers or data breaches. Because data is not stored on vulnerable and easy to hack devices, hackers will not be able to access the important files and breach into the system. Cloud storage has a strong security system that the cloud storage providers assume responsibility for providing. Companies can feel confident that their valuable data will be secure at all times.

5. Eco-Friendly

The more companies start using cloud storage, the more it will positively impact the ecosystem. With how much we as a human race are using, abusing, and draining the Earth’s natural resources, we have to find different ways to reduce carbon footprints and restore Earth’s energy balance. In using cloud storage, businesses reduce the need for paper and electricity that would typically be used to run the businesses. Because companies only use what they need, there is never a fear of using too much, just enough that is needed for the task at hand.

Understanding cloud storage can be difficult, especially if it is your first time using it, but it is easy to use and beneficial to companies and businesses. There are many companies that offer cloud storage, such as:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Dell EMC
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM
  • ClearDATA
  • Intel
  • Rackspace
  • Iron Mountain
  • SAP

Amazon Web ServicesEach one of the listed services provides a host of benefits when using their cloud storage. Choosing which cloud company’s service to use depends on how much data you will need and the service’s data rates. If you are considering implementing cloud storage into your company or business, congratulations on improving your company’s efficiency and carbon footprint. By taking the initiative to implement cloud storage in your business, you will be able to better connect with customers and employees all over the world, reduce expensive IT fees and put the saved money towards other company needs, and have improved security to protect valuable and sensitive data. Before picking cloud storage, though, research for yourself and see which cloud storage provider best fits your company’s needs.

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