Earrings for women are similar to spices for food. It is commonly believed that women do not get dressed fully until they put on their earrings. Earrings turn into an excellent way for perking up your face. They also turn your appearance fabulous and classy. 

The method of styling earrings

When you have got more than one piercing in your ears, then you can explore various options when the matter zeroes on styling them. Commonly, it is advised to remain faithful to only one metal so that the earrings don’t clash and begin with the heaviest style. You can mix and match your earrings with various designs, like hoops, crawlers, and studs, to form an eclectic style. For making a smart purchase, you can buy wholesale earrings from many online stores.

Picking earrings according to the shape of your face

You need to be extra careful about wearing earrings and keep in mind the shape of your face for choosing the best ones. As a rule, you should choose the earrings that tend to be opposite your face’s features. Some tips for getting the perfect pair of earrings are:

  • Oval face – When you have an oval face, then you are the luckiest one. You can wear nearly all kinds of earrings. Women having oval faces possess high versatility, and so they can experiment with every kind of earring.
  • Round face – When you have a round face, then long tear-drops or dangling earrings will suit you the most. Earrings with the long and sleek built emerge as your finest pick.
  • Square face – For square shape face women, earrings having rounded edges and oversized hoop earrings are the best. They fetch attention and help soften the natural angles of their faces.
  • Narrow face – Women having narrow faces should go for short dangles that have volume. These women can also wear dangling earrings for accentuating their cheekbones and adding softness.
  • Heart-shaped face – For women having a heart-shaped face, teardrop-shaped dangle earrings are the best. These earrings draw attention to these women’s jawline, cheekbones, and eyes.

Kinds of earrings every woman must have

  • Jhumka earrings – These earrings are in vogue for many years. Jhumka earrings look like the shape of circular or conical bells or domes. You will find them in distinctive designs though a little variation is seen regarding designs. Gold-plated and silver jhumkas with pearls mostly revive the season. 
  • Chandelier earrings – Chandelier earrings are pretty popular among women, and they are obtainable in various lengths and styles. Women prefer to wear chandeliers to improve their ethnic and casual attires’ beauty.
  • Danglers – Danglers do hang below the wearer’s earlobes, and they move when the wearer moves. These earrings turn into extraordinary additions to sheath dresses, western wear, gowns, tunics, etc.
  • Drop earrings – These earrings never go out of fashion. The drop earrings feature stones or beads, and they do function as drops. Though the lengths and designs of drop earrings do vary, some tend to be very long. Again, some emerge as short, and they hang below the wearer’s ears.
  • Hoop earrings – These earrings are light in weight, and you can wear them for a long duration on many occasions. The stylish and elegant ladies prefer to choose hoop earrings that have brown, grey, white, and black pom poms.
  • Stud earrings – These earrings are considered highly sophisticated and simple, and you can wear these earrings with ethnic and casual attires besides formal clothes. Stud earrings having initials are highly prevalent amongst young women.

Buying earrings

Today, women look forward to buying earrings online. This saves them from the annoyance of visiting many stores. Today, women do browse online to get earrings of different styles, brands, and fashion and take their pick based on the occasion and their preferences.


Jewelry and particularly earrings are highly personal, and so, it is a nice idea to take into consideration the personal style and the kind of pieces a woman wears before you buy earrings for her. Additionally, you need to consider the type of metal she prefers to wear. When you have decided to gift earrings to your partner, you need to look for a statement or sentimental style. You will come across many wholesale earrings from where you can choose one. A pair of silver earrings will look great. Again, a pair of solitaire studs too will turn into a great choice because they look versatile and classic.

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