Electrical contractors are often confused with regular electricians. However, that is not the case as these working professionals who are a set of advanced electric contractors work as a business person or a firm which specializes in construction work for designing, installing and maintaining the electrical systems. Whereas, an electrician is a self-employed, trained person who performs electrical work. Let us know a few more details about electric contractors:

It Is A Firm

While the tasks seem quite similar to the ones performed by an electrician, electrical contractors differ from them in terms of professionalism and advancement. The electrical contractor is mostly referred to as a firm or business who hires licensed electricians and build a team of professionals for the service of the clients.

Types Of Electrical Contractors

An electrical contractor is a vast term. It is a business and as we know, a business can be of various types. The contractors are classified by the type of electrical work they perform. There are three major types:

Outside or Line Contractors

Outside or line contractors who are responsible for high-voltage power transmission and distribution lines. These advanced electrical contractors make sure that the electricity generated at a power plant is carried very carefully through a series of high-voltage lines and substations. They ensure that power is safe before it is used for any facilities in offices, homes or other buildings.

Inside Contractors

Inside contractors provide a proper structure to any electrical system working within certain area boundaries. This not only includes the house electric power but also outdoor lighting or substations. The contractors are a prime need for residential buildings, institutions, and commercial areas. Companies like KB Electric have been providing such services for years. You can contact them online for great service and safe installation.

Integrated Building System or Voice/Data/Video Contractors

These contractors work mostly with low-voltage installations such as security systems, back-up power, climate controls, telecommunications, wireless networks, fiber optics, and energy-efficient lighting. The contractors ensure that the control systems work together for better efficiency and performance building. They also work on bringing the optimum energy from these electric systems.

Job Duties

Hiring an advanced electrical contractor makes many tasks simpler. The contractors are responsible for various tasks related to your home or office electric system. These tasks include customer service, administrative work, maintenance, and installation. The customer service provided by them includes scheduling fix appointment for installation and maintenance, and completing regulatory requirements. They timely inspect the electrical equipment, replace worn part and repair complex devices which need high maintenance. The contractors also perform construction duties such as lifting heavy objects, stringing wires, using power tools and bending conduit.

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