So, you’re getting ready to take a trip. You have a lot of things planned for this trip, but you know that problems can come up from any part of it. Flights are especially notorious for getting delayed or cancelled, and we all know how much of a monkey wrench that can throw into everything that you have planned.

Because of that, it’s really important to know what passenger rights you have in one of these situations. Thankfully, there are companies out there that deal with flight cancellation compensation and are willing to work with you in order to determine what it is that you can get.

How do these companies work? Here is a quick overview of the processes that you’ll likely go through in the meantime.

You Get Into a Situation Where a Flight is Cancelled or Delayed

Flight cancellations and delays are definitely a pain to deal with, and airlines will do their best to let you know exactly what is going on as soon as they know. Sometimes, you’ll know hours ahead of time – other times, you won’t know until 30 minutes before you’re supposed to get on the plane and go.

In order to stay up to date with everything that’s going on with your flight, you want to download the airline or airport’s app, or make sure that you can see the flight status on site. This can help you to see what’s on time, what’s behind, and whether or not cancellations may be in the future, as well.

You Try to Work with the Airline First

A number of airlines are going to do their best to make sure that their passengers are provided with the compensation that they deserve for the situation. American Airlines flight delay compensation will look different than what you get from Delta, and that will be different than what you get from Lufthansa.

As soon as you know that the flight is cancelled, you want to either call the airline’s passenger helpline or you want to get in line to talk to a representative at the airport. Either way, the sooner you get the ball rolling, the easier it will be for you to work with the airline and get what your flight cancellation compensation from the airline.

What Appropriate Compensation Looks Like: how much you can claim?

So, of course, comes this question: What does appropriate flight cancellation compensation look like anyway? It all depends on what the situation is and how you want to sort out the details.

There are federal laws around compensation -for example, the EU Directive EC 261 requires that compensation ranges from 250 Euros, 400 Euros, 600 Euros, along with other considerations. This may be monetary, but it can also include things like hotel stays (if you’re in a situation where you have to wait for the next day to get a new flight) and meal passes for the airport you’re in.

Unfortunately, not all companies are going to provide you with the compensation you deserve – and that’s where a compensation company can assist passengers like you. How? That’s what we’ll discuss next.

How a Flight Cancellation Compensation Company Can Bridge the Gap

No matter which airline you’re dealing with – it could be that you’re trying to get Delta or American Airlines flight delay compensation or even another international airline – these companies have all sorts of things in place to assist you, including lawyers.

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First, they will contact the airline for you. In many cases, this will be enough to take care of the issue straight. The company will email or call the airline, let them know that you hired a company to deal with things, and they’ll settle. It can be that simple – you just need to get someone with legal standing to throw their weight around.

But, in some cases, the airline may not adhere to the laws or may try to argue that you don’t deserve the compensation that is required in your situation. In those cases, compensation companies have the legal and financial resources to be able to pursue a civil case for you.

More often than not, these companies have a lot of experience and are going to be able to deal with things as quickly as possible. But, if it has to go to court, they will do that as well. It all depends on the circumstances and what it is involved in the whole thing, but these companies will make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Work with a company that you can trust like AirAdvisor. They are going to help you most effectively and with as little stress as possible. Why is that? They have the lowest cost, they work on no hidden or admin fees but only on a success fee (the client does not pay anything unless the company wins compensation for the customer) and they work with lawyers to get the job done.

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