Even though many people know their astrological birth symbols, there are those who do not know anything about their tarot birth card. Your tarot card is basically calculated from your birth date figures and gives you a personal identity which remains unchanged throughout your lifetime. They epitomize your potential in a life course as well as the qualities you can cultivate so as to live to your life mission. They unearth your strengths, weaknesses and fundamental themes of a whole lifetime more accurately. Simply put, a birth date can help identify the specific card from the 22 major ones with a lot of influence in your present life.

How can you know your tarot card? Well, it is not complicated as others may have made you feel. Let us briefly discuss some approaches you can use. There are so many online tarot tips how to know your card or even simple questions like Yes no tarot that can help you get a better understanding.

Calculation of Tarot Birth Cards

There are three approaches you can use to arrive at an accurate birth card. Let us look at them.

•    Calculation of a single birth card. This is perhaps the easiest approach you can use. You will only be required to sum up your date birth figures. For instance, if you were born on 31/10/1994, add the individual digits as 3-1-1-0-1-9-9-4 = 28. Any number that is above 21 has to be lessened by further finding the sum of the two digits.  In this case, you will add 2+8 to get 10. This implies that your birth card number is 10, The Wheel of Fortune.

•    Computing dualistic birth cards. In this approach, you will be required to sum up the digits of the month, the date and year of birth. If you were born on 31/10/1994, add 31+10+19+94 = 154. If the result is a three-digit figure, the first two are taken as one and added to the third one. In this case it will be 15+ 4 = 19. Since the result is 19, your first birth card is the sun. The second one is arrived at by adding the individual digits in the answer. In this case, it will be 1+9 = 10. Your second birth card is, therefore, the Wheel of Fortune.

•    Computation of personality and soul cards. Instead of birth cards, these ones are called personality and soul cards. Each one of them has a different meaning. For instance, personality cards what we have to learn in our lifetime while the soul cards epitomize the exclusive purposes of in diverse lifetimes. How then do you get the personality card numbers? Find the sum of the birth date. For example, if you were born on 31/10/1994, find the sum 31+10+1994 =2034. Thereafter, find the sum of the digits in the answer, in this case, 2+0+3+4 = 9. The answer will give the personality card, in this case, Hermit. The soul card is obtained by adding individual figures in the personality card. In case the personality card is just one digit, then the two are the same.

Once you have established your card, go ahead and find out the influence it will have in your life.

Interpretation of the Birth Cards

For effective interpretation of your cards, you need to properly study them. Ask yourself whether there is something you can learn from them. As you read, analyze all the symbols asking yourself what they each epitomize. Look at the colors, pictures and the stories that draw your attention. Besides, ask yourself how you can approach the challenges depicted in the card. Consider how can reap maximum benefits from the opportunities presented in the card. If you focus on how you can effectively tap into the talents depicted in the card. The remaining section of this blog will discuss the four first cards to help you understand how your life can be influenced. We begin…

•    The magician. This card has the ability to manifest nearly everything. If this happens to be your birth card, then you are gifted with the potential to make your dream real and true. If you are fully devoted to whatever you want, you can enjoy everything that life presents. Besides, it has the ability to charm all individuals. Nonetheless, the shadow side of the card implies the possibility of being tempted to influence others to adopt your way of thinking. You have the potential and all you have to do is to tap into it and utilize it wisely.

•    The High Priestess. This is all about instinct, wisdom, and expertise. The most significant thing about priestess is that it is a keeper of secrets. Your life course will entail enhancing your intuition as well as learning when to speak and when to remain silent. Deep contemplation will help improve the natural gifts you have and offer clarity when it comes to what to do with them. You should ensure that you maintain a dream periodical and have trust your inner wisdom always.

•    Empress. Here is an exemplary mother with the ability to deliver everything. Is this your birth card? Then you are gifted with strong instincts and capacity to foster and create. This is especially the case when it comes to relationship, though it can as well apply to ingenuity in business. Empress is also known for her attention on all sort of pleasures and indebtedness of magnificence and nature.

•    Emperor. This stands for a strong masculine figure with solid authority. Those with this birth card are characterized by strong organization exceptional leadership skills. If this is your birth card, then you are an ambitious and protective person and wisely exert the authority that you seek. Anything that you attempt will definitely come to fruition because you were born a powerful person. Throughout your life course, you will keep learning new things in order to become a strong, visionary and wise leader.


How can you know your tarot card? We have discussed at least three approaches you can use. Calculation of one birth card, calculation of personality and soul cards, and calculation of dualistic or double birth cards. In each approach, we have shown practical examples of how you can work out. Besides, we have also discussed the first four cards to show how they can influence individuals’ lives. What about the other 17? We will explain how they can influence your life next time.


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