Paper art broadly refers to all paper-related processes including paper art; also includes various paper and paper materials as the main materials, by cutting, engraving, tearing, splicing, stacking, smashing, weaving, embossing, smearing plane or three-dimensional artwork and paperwork made by means of printing, or high-tech (such as laser).

There are many types of paper crafts, such as handmade paper flowers, three-dimensional paintings with outstanding texture, and elegant and delicate parchment paper paintings like lace patterns. The parchment craft painting is an ancient handcraft from a foreign church. It was first used as a material for sheepskin and then replaced with paper. Different paper works are also different because of the different papers selected. The paper vine that makes paper flowers has the strongest expression, color and softness. Cut the curl to bend it into a petal, then fix the petal with a special wire. The three-dimensional painting based on knife-cutting techniques is another completely different feeling. The papers printed with the same pattern are stacked in order according to the needs of the hierarchy to form a picture.

In recent years, paper art has become popular all over the world. The reason is that paper is not only cheap but also sufficient. It is an excellent material for artistic creation. For example, paper art DIY is making people of different ages become fascinated. When some ordinary paper becomes a flying butterfly, a blooming flower, and a cute fashion villain in our hands, the effect becomes unimaginable. In the process, a picture, a set of paper wind chimes, a bouquet of flowers, easily become the most jumping embellishment in the home.

Exquisite crafts can bring a pleasing feeling. For example, various types of mat boards are widely used in home crafts, education, business, and various festival celebrations. The quality of the mat boards often affects the viewer’s feelings. For merchants with a large amount of mat board purchase each year, choosing a professional and reliable cardboard business can bring further impetus to the future business. For example, as the biggest matboard manufacturer basement in China, DY Matboard has relatively good quality which can compare to US and Italian matboard. This stable quality requirement makes us the unique matboard supplier to IKEA in China. We already have cooperated with many countries all over the world. Most of our customer start the business with us more than 5 years. Good service makes us keep a long-time cooperation with customers. From uncut mat board with different colors to precut mat board like square picture mats, round photo mat, oval picture mat, multiple opening mats and custom cut mats.

So, how do paper crafts embellish our lives? The use of paper crafts is very extensive, involving all aspects of life, the most obvious in the following aspects.

Paper crafts have been popular in art. Paper carving, also known as paper relief, is a special handicraft made of paper. It originated from the improvement of Chinese paper in the Han Dynasty and the 16th century German paper. It is one of the folk arts of handcraft. During the period, the development has been slow but never interrupted. Although the shape has not changed, but the spirit of innovation has been lost. At present, there are three mainstream schools, namely Cubism, Experimental and Carved Paper Carving. The three-dimensional paper carving is very subtle.

There are two kinds of hand-cut and exemption. The first step in hand-engraving is “engraving.” The most difficult part of the “engraving” painting is the smallest part, which requires the artist to skillfully use the techniques of cutting, folding, rolling, stacking, sticking, etc., and then finishing them one by one; the inscription is firstly followed by the machine according to the pattern.

In addition, paper crafts are widely used in education. Paper craftsmanship can inspire children’s hands-on ability and creativity. Some children especially like paper models, sometimes called card mod

els, which are models made of paper (usually thick paper or cards). It is more popular in Japan and Europe.

Because of the flexibility of the paper like mat boards, the shape of the model can be extremely diversified. Coupled with the popularity of Japanese animation, the paper model has many animation-related items besides traditional buildings, ships and cars. Role, for children, it is very capable of exercising their hands-on ability.

There are also paper crafts that are often seen in everyday business activities. The paper is beautifully colored and easy to be remodeled. When it comes to festivals, various businesses definitely need to prepare for celebrations to increase sales. At this point, the paper like mat boards can provide a variety of decorations for the event, which is economical and effective. For example, Christmas and New Year greeting cards can be made with mat boards. A small mat board can be turned into a greeting card with a blessing. Others such as paper photo frames, custom patterns and designs can be achieved by DY Matboard.

Paper crafts decorate every aspect of our lives. Mat boards from DY come in a variety of colors, and the different designs can meet the requirements of various mat board buyers.

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