As a society, we have become more and more reliant on the internet. Therefore, it only makes sense that we adapt the ways in which we use the internet and various other utilities according to technological advancements. The smartphone reigns supreme in terms of how we consume content, followed by tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and smart televisions. If you look closely, a trend is clearly visible, which is that we prefer to use portable handheld devices, since we value convenience and ease of use above everything else.

The manner in which we use the internet has also changed. For example, before the internet reigned supreme, the only way to consume content was according to the medium that was made available for consumption. Take music for example. Before, we had audio cassettes and CDs, which delivered high-quality audio, and were the only means to acquire the music that truly fed your soul.  When it came to enjoying high-quality video content, you turned towards your local cable companies for quality content. For me, it was Spectrum which you can see here. Now things have started to change. Thanks to the internet and all the technological advancements that have been made around it, there has been a change in the way we consume content.


Paid cable programming is no longer the preferred method of accessing content, except for a few that are set in their ways. Streaming what you want, when you want has become the new norm in terms of how you consume your video content. Similar to how smartphones have become our go-to devices to access the internet, streaming has become the go-to format in terms of how we consume our video content.

It only makes sense, since you are able to access the content when you want and where you want it similar to how we use the internet. Apart from the added convenience, streaming services such as NetFlix and YouTube allow you to gain access to content that would never be available with traditional cable. So essentially the library of content that is made available to you is far greater when compared to cable and satellite, and commercial at that, resulting in a much more pleasant overall experience.

It’s clear enough to understand why more and more people are choosing to select streaming services as compared to traditional cable, especially when you factor in the fact that streaming is much cheaper. Based on your requirements, a streaming service can cost you anywhere from $20-$40 a month, compared to cable, which usually costs anywhere from $60-$100 a month.


So not only are you able to stream your favorite movies and television shows, you can also stream your music. If you are familiar with the early days of sharing music online, then you are familiar with Napster. For those of you who aren’t, Napster allowed you to share music in the form of MP3s across the internet with other users, essentially pirating the song. If only Napster had been a streaming service, it would still be around today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t, but Spotify and YouTube Red are. YouTube Red is my go-to application that allows me to stream a variety of music, commercial free. It isn’t free, but it isn’t as expensive as Spotify.

As mentioned earlier, CDs and cassettes were the formats for listening to music. Once the digital revolution came, we had the option to load our smartphone and various other devices with offline content that was electronically stored on your devices. This is my preferred method of storing music, for you never know when the internet might decide to be difficult in a time of need.  Many individuals were plagued by a new issue which arose from storing all this music on their devices, and that was limited storage space. 

I choose to store music on my device in the event the internet isn’t working. However, I do use YouTube Red as my streaming service for music. The main reason that I chose to do so is to discover new music that I do not own, instead of limiting myself to the collection that I do have. At times during a social gathering, a friend might make a request for a certain track, which is more than welcome. And if you happen to enjoy the song, adding it to your playlist is simple enough.


It clear to see that technology and the internet have had a major influence on our lives. We are relying on the internet more than we should, combining it into our daily lives. Take the Internet of Things, for example, and the integration of it into our home security and automobiles. The real question that needs to be asked is how much of an impact this is having on us, and what will be the end result in terms of our behavioral modifications.


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